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Hi everyone,

This week, my regular feature of New Research and Findings includes the finding that a low-carb diet may prevent and reverse age-related effects within the brain.

Also, here are my top 8 things to know about periods. Number one is that a menstrual cycle is an ovulatory cycle and all other types of bleeds are something else.

Finally, don't miss the upcoming perimenopause online summit. My interview is on Day 1 and is all about progesterone as treatment for heavy periods and sleep problems.
Top 8 things to know about periods:

⭕ A menstrual cycle is an "ovulatory cycle," in which ovulation is the main event.

⭕ Most other types of bleeds are either pill-bleeds or anovulatory cycles (breakthrough bleeding), such as what happens with PCOS, and on the implant, injection or mini-pill.

⭕ You can confirm ovulation by tracking basal body temperatures.

⭕ Ovulation comes first and then a period almost exactly two weeks later.

⭕ If you're not ovulating, but still having "periods," then you are having anovulatory cycles.

⭕ If you're not having bleeds, then you have either not ovulated or you're pregnant.

⭕ When you come off the pill, you can become pregnant without ever seeing a bleed because ovulation comes first and THEN the bleed. That's why you need to take some action to avoid pregnancy - barrier or withdrawal - even when you have amenorrhea (no periods).

⭕ It's (usually) not possible to ovulate but then not get a period or be pregnant. (The main exception is the hormonal IUD which can let you ovulate but not bleed.)

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