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There's a big difference between "normal" period pain and the pain of endometriosis. For example, "normal" period pain doesn't interfere with your day and responds to simple treatments like Advil (Nurofen), dairy-free, and zinc. If your pain is severe or doesn't respond to simple treatments, then you could have endometriosis or adenomyosis.

Check out my updated blog posts "Is It Normal Period Pain or Endometriosis?" and "Endometriosis? Treat the Immune System."

Also, keep reading for my regular feature of New Research and Findings including more evidence that endometriosis may be caused by dysbiosis or problems with the gut microbiome.

Is It Normal Period Pain or Endometriosis?

Do you suffer bad period pain?  You shouldn’t have to.

Period pain is common, so we tend to think it just goes with the territory of having periods. But “normal” period pain should not prevent you from going about your day. And “normal” period pain should disappear with simple treatments like dairy-free and zinc.

Put it this way: If pain doesn’t disappear with simple treatments, then it’s not normal period pain. It’s strong period pain and could mean you have endometriosis or adenomyosis. Read more...

Endometriosis? Treat the Immune System

Endometriosis is not a hormonal condition. It’s affected by estrogen but it’s not caused by estrogen or “estrogen dominance.”

Instead, endometriosis is a whole-body inflammatory and immune disease, and possibly a microbial disease.

What does that mean for treatment?

New research and findings

We're slaves to our microbes. If we don't give them the food they want, they can produce toxins to make us feel bad and crave food

More evidence that endometriosis may be caused by dysbiosis or problems with the gut microbiome.

Another study debunking the idea that women "run out of eggs."

Why iodine is my favourite supplement for breast health

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