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Hi everyone,

It's been an interesting week in periods.

First, there was the announcement of a possible new blood test for menopause. (See my regular feature of New Research and Findings below).

Then, a fact from my book about ibuprofen (Advil) and heavy periods went viral on Twitter. Then, I had the opportunity to talk to my friend and veteran menstrual activist Laura Wershler about the origin of the term "body literacy." 

Check it all out below. 

Can ibuprofen really lighten periods? 

Yes, ibuprofen or Advil can significantly reduce menstrual flow (which is good if you have heavy periods). This little fact from my book went viral last week on Twitter thanks to a young woman named holly. 

Did your doctor ever mention it? Because it's definitely something every woman should know -- especially if the other option is hormonal birth control.

For more info, read:

What is body literacy?

Body literacy means knowing your body, and more specifically, knowing if and when you ovulate. The official definition is:
  1. learning to read and understand the language of the body
  2. learning to observe, chart, and interpret an ovulatory menstrual cycle
The creator of the term was veteran menstrual advocate Laura Wershler who, together with her colleagues Geraldine Matus and Megan Lalonde, first set the concept down in writing in the Fall 2005 issue of the newsletter Femme Fertile.

To see the original document and a lovely short essay from Laura, read "The origin of body literacy.”

New research and findings

A new blood test can predict when a woman will have her last period.

The abdominal weight gain of PCOS and menopause is not caused by estrogen. Instead, it's caused by insulin resistance and "testosterone dominance."

If you freeze your eggs and embark upon IVF later down the line, there's a less-than-one-in-five chance that it'll lead to a baby.

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