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Hi everyone,

I've written a new blog post about the abdominal weight gain of PCOS and perimenopause. It's actually about how insulin + testosterone (not estrogen) cause abdominal weight gain.

I'm also sharing my updated blog post about reversing insulin resistance because it could be one of the most important health posts you read. Do you have insulin resistance? Are you sure? A test for blood glucose is NOT a test for insulin resistance. To assess insulin, you have to test insulin either as “fasting insulin” or a “glucose tolerance test with insulin.”

Finally, keep reading for my regular feature of New Research and Findings including More evidence that the negative effects of dairy are from A1 casein, rather than lactose.

Help for the Hormonal Weight Gain of PCOS and Menopause

Struggling with hormonal weight gain around your middle? It’s a common problem with PCOS and menopause and it’s not from estrogen.

In women, estrogen is beneficial for weight loss. The abdominal weight gain of PCOS and menopause is more likely to be caused by insulin and testosterone.

Let’s take a closer look.

Reverse Insulin Resistance in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to metabolism and weight loss, it’s mostly about insulin. Insulin is also a major player in many women’s health conditions as PCOS, acne, progesterone deficiency, fibroids, and heavy periods.

Maintaining a normal level of insulin can help to prevent diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, and heart disease.

Do you have insulin resistance? It’s time to find out. Read more...

New research and findings

World's first injectable male birth control approved in India.

Why transdermal estrogen with natural micronised progesterone is the best type of menopausal hormone therapy

More evidence that the negative effects of dairy are from A1 casein, rather than lactose.

Pilot study shows promising results for iodine as adjuvant therapy for breast cancer.

What's the difference between a real period, a pill-bleed, and the breakthrough bleed of a contraceptive implant or injection?

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