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Hi everyone,

My latest blog post is all about the many benefits of estrogen and progesterone and how real natural menstrual cycles are the only way to make them. Read "The secret powers of ovulation (it’s not just for making a baby)."

And on the topic of ovulation, did you know that it's possible to have a cycle but not ovulate? It's called an anovulatory cycle, and it's not a good thing. Read "3 signs your period is not really a period."

Finally, keep reading for my regular feature of New Research and Findings including a controversial article about how some women are reporting sexual side effects from a common GYN procedure used to prevent cervical cancer. 

The Secret Powers of Ovulation (It’s Not Just for Making a Baby)

Ovarian hormones estrogen and progesterone are highly beneficial for health. That means that natural ovulatory menstrual cycles are beneficial for health because cycling is the only way to make ovarian hormones.

Does that surprise you? Men make their valuable testosterone every day, so you might think women would do something similar, but we don’t. Instead, we make our hormones as a surge of estrogen leading up to ovulation and an even bigger surge of progesterone for the two weeks after ovulation. Continue reading...

3 Signs Your Period Is Not Really a Period

Irregular periods? They might not be periods at all. Instead, they might be the breakthrough bleeding of anovulatory cycles.

What does that mean?

A real period is the bleed that comes at the end of an ovulatory menstrual cycle. In other words, it’s the bleed that comes after ovulation and the making of progesterone.

Any other kind of bleed is either:

  • the breakthrough bleed of an anovulatory cycle, or
  • a pill-bleed.

They’re not real periods. Continue reading...

New research and findings

Women have a daily hormone cycle as well as a monthly one.

Undereating is more likely to be a problem for periods for women younger than 30

Some women are reporting sexual side effects from a common GYN procedure used to prevent cervical cancer. And a more sciency article about the same topic (email me for the full text).

The future of the microbiome is not necessarily in the microbes themselves, but in what they make.

The symptoms of perimenopause are largely neurological in nature.

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