Challenging the City Scale
17 July, 2017

Human Cities _Challenging The City Scale/ Exhibition Helsinki 2017

Human Cities Exhibition / Helsinki (FI) 13-29 Sept. 2017

Dear partners, guests and Human Cities friends,
The travelling Human Cities exhibition in 2016-2018 presents the process and results of co-creating activities in the experimental Labs of all the Human Cities partners. The next upcoming Exhibition will be held in Helsinki during the Helsinki Design Week

Save the date: 12 September at 18:00 - Human Cities exhibition opening

Together with its experimentation lab – the School as a Service project in Otaniemi, Aalto University contributes with the findings of the Exit School of Architecture project. This showcases new Finnish architecture rising from a shared local identity. It analyses the role of collaboration in Nordic Noir architecture. The exhibition contains recently completed works by Finnish architects and a selection of diploma works by recent graduates of Aalto University; with connotations to The Helsinki School of Photography, a Finnish brand with a similar philosophy in the field of photography.

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What the Human Citizens of Helsinki have been successfully researching and experimenting with... 
Superimposed Verticality – Aalto University Masterclass

The masterclass from Aalto University and Human Cities' Helsinki team is based on the studio course on diversifying forms of living called Superimposed Verticality, held during Spring semester 2017 at Aalto University Department of Architecture. More...

Saas Wins!
School as a Service (SaaS) project by Aalto University team in collaboration with the City of Espoo has been awarded with the Quality Innovation Award 2016. Read more ...

SaaS has been the winner for its innovation in the education sector, on the grounds of “creating new kinds of learning conditions, not school as a building, where the flexible learning spaces are located on the university campus and learning takes place interactively by sharing resources.

Other Human Citizens Exhibitions of the past half year: Ljubljana, Kragujevac and Saint-Etienne
Human Cities _Challenging The City Scale/ Ljubljana 2017

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (UIRS) and partners
 hosted a 5-day international event addressing participatory planning of local urban public space in socially, economically and ethnically increasing diverse communities. The event was structured in three interrelated activities: a seminar, a workshop and a field-trip. Special emphasis was given to the means of revealing shared values that local inhabitants and other users of local environments have in common, and are an important base for collaborative improvements of local environments.

Read here all about the past event... 

Human Cities _Challenging The City Scale/ Kragujevac 2017

The full catalogue of the exhibition in the main square in Kragujevac can be found here ... 

Human Cities _Challenging The City Scale/ Saint-Etienne 2017

The expo in Saint-Etienne gave clear answers to the question; Who are the Human Citizens? It illustrated methods and tools for participatory provision of urban public spaces. This link directs you to the catalogue of the exhibition in Saint-Etienne.

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