Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018
11 juli 2016

Sunny Summer Salute from... 

Jakomini in Graz
After collecting knowledge about the district Jakomini in Graz throughout the spring semester, Exhibition Design students at FH Joanneum Graz began phase two of the Experimentation Labs: An experimentation week called Five days in Jakomini. That began on May the 9th, with a public symposium of Human Cities experts in the fields of architecture, design and urban planning.

After working closely with theatre group InterACT, OSA, the office for subversive architecture and the artist collective Zweintopf for a week, Exhibition Design Students presented the first results of the Experimentation Labs in Graz. Ending a week full of workshops and creative progress, the three teams have accumulated many interesting ideas to improve the quality of staying without consuming in Jakomini Graz.

Read the report in full detail here.

“Ici Bientôt”
“Ici Bientôt”, French for “Here Soon”, was the first workshop of Saint-Etienne experimentation lab C.H.O.S.E Beaubrun (Collective Humancitizens Office of StEtienne Experimentations).  Read more...

the Moonlight Monks

Looking for interview partners in the inner city district of Jakomini, the participants of the experiments in Graz stumbled upon two legendary characters of the quarter. Discover here the darkest secrets of the discrict.

Weaving WondersOn April 13th, after the annual meeting of Human Cities/Challenging the City Scale_Exhibition/Milan, the team of Polictecnico Milano organized a bike tour as a chance to explore the city of Milan and to get to “La Piana” to join an Experiment Lab in collaboration with people from the neighbourhoods and local associations.

Read more about Human Cities experts, partners, students, groups of locals and artists that literally and figuratively wove together during this social experiment to make La Piana, an elevated square, known in its neighbourhood.


Belgrade Design Week welcoming 

The “GRAND CREATIVE PARK OF THE CITY OF KRAGUJEVAC” initiative is BDW’s contribution to HUMAN CITIES/ project, as part of the “100 Creative Playgrounds for the Children of Serbia” campaign. For more click here.

The Human Cities/ Challenging the City Scale_Exhibition/ Milan by Politecnico Milano was a great success. Watch here the video of the making of and the result in Base Milan during Salone del Mobile in April. In the expo each Human City showcased exemplary Case Studies for their Cities. During this interactive expo visitors were invited to use for the first time the interactive digital catalogue-app.

Soon we will be back with more Human Cities stories and upcoming activities but for now...

Enjoy your summer break and holidays!
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