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2016 can't be closed without After Milan in April 2016. Human Cities_Challenging the City Scale will meet its network and general audience in Belgrade and Kragujevac from 16-19 February 2017. One month later, all Human Cities Partners will be meeting in France at the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne 2017 on 12-13 March 2017. Discover below the most recent stories of 2016 of all the Human Cities partners.
School as a Service 
Helsinki (FI)

A school of today and the future is more flexible and connected to society. Old patterns of teaching and learning are replaced with social interaction and learning together. See here the full interview with Human Cities Partner Antti Ahlava, director of Group X on the campus of Aalto University. Read here all about this innovative school in Helsinki.

Conclusive experiment at la Piana 
Milan (IT)
The last step of the action based research at La Piana has been focused on collecting and analyzing the results of the previous experimentation labs and exhibition in order to prepare the final one on June 2nd. An event in which neighbouring communities, Atir Ringhiera theatre and the research team of Politecnico Milano achieved together the desired shade. Read here more.

Human Cities: an exemplary cooperation project for UNESCO
“Re-thinking the contemporary city through the prism of a multi-level network”.This is what UNESCO said in its ‘Global Report, Culture: Urban Future’, a rich (300 p) document gathering case studies and recommendations to support governments in the implementation of cultural policies for sustainable urban development. Read more.
Maker Mile, FabCity?

London (UK)
Dreaming of a model for cities to become self-sufficient? FabCity is an alternative to this vision. The Makers Mile by the Human Cities partners in London can be seen as a prototype. Read here how the inversion of the traditional image of fabrication is taking shape.

Above: Door handles for each place on the Makers Mile.
We take the Public Space!

Graz (AT)In the final days, the action research team in Jakomini, Graz reclaimed public space by organizing a radio programme broadcasting ‘the sound of Jakomini’. They offered a ‘3 minute service’ in the street you usually pass through in a three minutes walk. Jakomini’s treasures to be won in ‘The Jakomini Quiz’. People gathered at the ‘Space without a name’ around and on bright yellow benches. Wondering what all this was about? Read here more

The city as human theatre – VILLES#1 
Saint-Etienne (FR)How to continue thinking about and making the city when your job as an urban planner seems completely disconnected from the realities of the field and its inhabitants? The Human City’s partners Yoan Miot, urban planner met Arthur Fourcade, director of the Collectif X, proposed Villes#1, an artistic performance that took the opportunity of collective questioning and expression around the theme of the city as an experimental and collaborative theatrical laboratory.

An example of participatory urbanism in the heart of Serbia
Kragujevac (RS)An introduction by Vesna Jelovac of Belgrade Design Week, into the concept of participatory urbanism, that was used in the process of the construction of Grand creative park of the City of Kragujevac.

How Stealing from Other Cities can be a Good Thing

An Interview with Frank van Hasselt, CEO of Clear Village London by Isadora Wallnöfer, a student in Journalism & PR at FH Joanneum, highlighting that the Human Cities project is about learning from different international perspectives.

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