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Janel and Elliot were married in the Philippines on May 9, 2015
Kyle and Carina were married in Seattle, WA on June 21, 2015
Kirk, Christina, and Kaliya will be moving to Guam this year

What a difference a year makes!

July 2015

In less than a year, all five long "kids" have become adults. They are all in their roaring 20's, and embarking on their own adventures. All were enjoying life in the Philippines until recently, and in less than a month they will be living and serving in five different countries. 
Two years ago, we celebrated two weddings on back to back weekends on two separate continents as Kirk and Cristina wed.This year, we have had back to back months on two separate continents as Kyle wed Carina in Seattle on June 21 and Janel wed Elliot on May 9 in Manila.

Both weddings drew crowds of friends and family from Guam, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, United States, Canada  and the Philippines. This wide spread  love is indicative of the life our family has enjoyed over the past two decades while serving in the Philippines. So many of God's people sharing their lives with us and our Filipino ministries and friends.

As our family grows so do the opportunities to serve HIM. Janel and Elliot will settle in Taiwan for their next chapter in life as Elliot plays basketball professionally and Janel plays basketball for friendships and studies Chinese. There, they will both serve the youth in a great church in Taipei.
Kyle and Carina will eventually return to Manila to serve with our ministry teams, construction men and Josie's Angels home. For now they will be living in the Colorado area as they share about their lives and raise support to serve back in Manila by year's end. Please pray for and support this couple.
Speaking of moving on Kirk's basketball career has wound down in the Philippines and he and his family set their eyes on Guam and a new chapter in life teaching and coaching at St Paul's Christian School. Pray for this transition.
Josie as you know has a life full of angels...discipling, nurturing, counseling and raising 40 world changers. It's been amazing to see these girls growing in Christ each day. Pray for the 14 in college,18 in high school and 8 in elementary. There are big time blessings and stories of God's redeeming power in these lives... 
Jackie has been a big help this past year with our ministry and has her eyes set on an Australian experience with family and friends down under. Later in the year she will return to Manila to host her cousin Jana Mae's visit. It's always encouraging to have family visit.

Colene and I spend time working with the Filipino staff,missionaries, and teams that come to help. It is so rewarding to see teams come to help sharing their gifts and passions with our people, just as our Filipino people share their lives with them...all the while creating people whose world's change as they challenge each other.
Thanks for praying, 
Jeff and Colene for the Long Eleven


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