Gweld e-bost hwn drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg
Thank you all so much for your support last year

We appreciate the effort you have made to complete the Student Health and Wellbeing Survey and the School Environment Questionnaire this year.

The next round of surveys will not be until autumn term 2017 so this year will be less intense! We really value keeping in touch with you all, so we hope that you will join us for our webinars and Network event in June. As requested, here is the annual timetable for you to save to your school diary.
Annual Timetable for your Diaries
A very brief electronic questionnaire on how your school is using your student health and wellbeing report
Tuesday 15th November 2016
How have we been using the data from your student and school environment surveys? Feedback from three studies on physical activity, e-cigarette use and the impact of smoking policies

Wednesday 25th January 2017
Self-harm prevention and intervention in Secondary Schools: Exploring existing practices and future needs.
Thursday 30th March 2017
'Looked after Children’s' health and well-being behaviours: a comparison with children from traditional households
Network Events

*With a particular focus on preparation for the next round of surveys due the following Autumn term
West Wales – Tuesday 13th June 2017
South Wales – Thursday 15th June 2017
North Wales – Thursday 22nd June 2017
*Venues to be confirmed nearer the time
New feature! Introduction of school health and wellbeing research briefings 

We are very excited to begin to share with you the school health research that has been made possible by the use of the data from the Network student and school environment surveys. Look out for future briefings and links to webinars (see above).
Read our first briefing here on the value of school commitment to health and wellbeing and the implementation of health and wellbeing activities
As always, happy to hear any thoughts you have to share:  
Sharing the valuable learning from our Network Events

It was so lovely to see so many of you at our annual Network events in Llandudno and Merthyr Tydfil in June. It is so valuable for us to get the views of school staff in order to shape the Network, but even more importantly it is just great to meet up and talk in person. It is clear that you gain as much from the events as we do:

‘Lovely atmosphere, well delivered presentations - not too long, very informative.
‘Excellent - great to speak with and network with similar colleagues who face the same challenges.’
‘Pleased to see presentations from different schools and how they have used their reports.’

We hope even more of you can join us next June….with luck the event in the North won’t clash with a vital football match between Wales and England as it did this year!!

We want to give a huge thank you to those who presented at the events; it was so interesting for us all to hear your views on being Network schools and to gain valuable insights as to how schools are using their Student Health and Wellbeing Reports. 
St Richard Gwyn Catholic High School, Flintshire
Michael Hughes - Curriculum Leader for Geography & Global Learning Coordinator

Mike was kind enough to come off his paternity leave to present to us all, so we are particularly appreciative of his help. He spoke about how he came to an interest in health through his role as a geography teacher when he joined the Global Learning Programme.  

He shared how he organised the survey by using geography lessons and academic review time to ensure that 77% of the students from Years 7-13 took part.  The School Environment Questionnaire proved to be a very useful audit tool within school. He has shared the student data across the school and a point of great interest to those who heard him speak was the action plan the school put in place as a result of the findings in their School Health and Wellbeing Report. He has kindly agreed to share his action plan template with us all.

He explained that the completion of the School Environment Questionnaire proved to be a very useful audit tool for the school.
Monmouth Comprehensive School, Monmouthshire
Andy Williams – Deputy Headteacher

Monmouth Comprehensive School has a restorative culture and Andy spoke about how this impacts on all aspects of school life: leadership, learning, curriculum development and community links. He explained how the use of the Student Health and Wellbeing Report was being considered through this restorative lens. A particular example of this is one of the 5 key elements of the approach ‘Nothing about me without me’, which ensures that students’ voice will be a key way in which the school action plans with the data. He also explained that all students throughout the school have 7½ hours a fortnight with their form teacher and that this is where any curriculum input on health and wellbeing issues will be covered.
Sharing Research based on the Cardiff University Curriculum Support

Would you value training or support across your school curriculum from University staff and students? Visit the Cardiff University Curriculum Support Website. There is an ever growing bank of resources to support the teaching of the new Welsh Baccalaureate.
St Brigid’s School, Denbighshire
Emma Sargent - Curriculum Lead for Health and Wellbeing
Emma worked hard to ensure over 90% of students in the school completed the student survey. This was achieved within form time when she took groups to use the ICT room.  Since receiving the data, she has shared it with the senior leadership team. She talked about the process the school had gone through when considering the data which had led to them to categorising the different charts as areas of concern, such as energy drinks consumption and aspects of bullying, and areas of strength, such as smoking and healthy eating. This is being fed into PSE delivery across the school for 2016/17.
Llanfyllin High School, Powys
Helen Lloyd – Pastoral Support
Helen shared how health and wellbeing is a high priority in school; Llanfyllin joined the School Health Research Network in 2013, the year that they were awarded their Healthy Schools National Quality Award. The survey was arranged by the Deputy Head to ensure that the views of the majority of students were captured. She talked about the actions that have been put in place in the school as a result of their Student Health and Wellbeing Report. These have included Year 12 and 13 running a healthy breakfast club as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and the School Nutrition Action Group developing displays and other actions to alert students to the impact of sugary drinks.
Fitzalan High School, Cardiff
Carolyn James – Assistant Head

Our particular thanks to Carolyn as although she is a member of the Health and Wellbeing team in the school, she was deputising for both of our link teachers in the school. Our best wishes go out to her as she is retiring at the end of term. Fitzalan has been a member of the Network since 2013 and she could share how they had used the data from their 2014 and 2016 reports. Both had fed into the School Evaluation Report and the School Improvement Plan. High response rates this time were ensured through the use of tablets within skills lessons. The School Improvement Plan shows how widespread the use of the data is in the school. It has been used to inform the appropriate year groups in which to consider particular health areas across the curriculum. Two new student voice groups are being set up: a Student Health and Wellbeing group and an E-Safety group, both of which will action plan using the data.
It was great to see some of you at the Welsh Baccalaureate Teacher Conference at Cardiff University,in July There was a lot of excitement at the potential for the data from the Student Health and Wellbeing Reports being used to support students’ individual projects.
Invitation to a Seminar – an opportunity for PSE and post 16 staff

SaFE seminar: What should an intervention to promote safe sex and healthy relationships in post-16 educational settings look like?
 5th October 2016, 2.30-5pm, at Cardiff University

The SaFE (Safe Sex and Healthy Relationships in Further Education) Project has been working with students and staff from post-16 colleges and schools, to develop a new intervention to promote safe sex and healthy relationships for students aged 16 and older. Researchers from the project would now like to invite you to a seminar bringing together professionals from research, policy and practice, to discuss the findings of the SaFE project and the next steps to promote safe sex and healthy relationships to post-16 students.

The event will be on the 5th October 2016, 2.30-5pm, at Cardiff University, and will be particularly valuable for school staff who are involved in PSE, SRE, or work with post 16 students. For full information and to register, please go to or email Dr. Honor Young:
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