Gweld e-bost hwn drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

Welcome to our new look newsletter!

At the Network events in June, there was an overwhelming call for a bulletin style newsletter with hyper-links to further details as a way of helping you to assimilate information within the limited time available to you.  So here it is! If you want to print out the full text to leave in your foyer or staffroom, click here.

It seems from comments at the events that we are generally providing what you want in the newsletter. However you want it to be used to share good practice in the use of your Student Health and Wellbeing Reports. We have started off this process by including feedback from the sessions we ran at the Network Events in June on use of the reports in schools. However, it would be a really positive next step if we could include short case studies from individual schools, beginning with the next edition, to be sent out before Christmas. Could you help?  If you think you can, please let us know.

For those of you that requested back-dated copies of all the newsletters sent so far, they are now available at


This was something that was asked for by everyone who attended the Network Events to help with diary planning. We hope it proves useful. Remember that the survey that will feed into your next Student Health and Wellbeing Report needs to be completed in the Autumn Term.


This is your chance to collect the data to feed into your new Student Health and Wellbeing Report. You should all have received your student survey packs in July and we will be sending out further details soon to those schools who have registered by returning Form A. Please get in touch if you need us to re-send the information.

Through group work at the events we were able to ascertain the health topics of greatest concern in schools. These include: Suicide/self- harm, sexting, legal highs, e-cigarettes, energy drinks and sleep. The student survey covers most of these topics but following this learning from the events we have added a question on legal highs and sexting. We have also planned our first webinar on the topic of suicide and self-harm, see your Network timetable for planned dates in 2015/16.


We were privileged to have presentations from two schools and they have kindly allowed us to share these here:  Rhydian Jones at Aberconwy hyperlink and Fallon Kift on behalf of Heather Cooper, Cefn Hengoed hyperlink

At the Network events, school representatives shared their views into the value of the reports in such areas as the self-assessment of wellbeing, Healthy Schools planning, support of the curriculum and student-voice. Click here to read about the potential use of your report and some more photos from the events! For those that were unable to attend the events and would like to share their views, please let us know and we can incorporate them into future newsletters. 


In March we broadcast our first webinar on ‘Do Health Promoting Schools make a difference?’ If you missed it, you can find out the answer here.
Newly funded Research 
'DECIPHer has been funded to evaluate the effectiveness of the WISE (Wellbeing in Secondary Education) intervention, which will involve delivering Mental Health First Aid within schools. The aim is to improve both staff and students wellbeing. A small pilot evaluation of the intervention has already been conducted. We will let you know soon how you can get involved. 
We held two events for Network schools in June and asked school representatives what they thought of the webinar, events and other means of communication.  Click here to read about what schools told us and how we plan to respond. If you were able to attend you might see yourself in the photos!
Research Involvement Opportunity 
We were able to offer opportunities to those who attended the events to get involved in two different research projects and want to thank the many schools that registered an interest and have subsequently been involved. It is still possible to join a research study to train teachers in the delivery of a Group Motivational Interviewing intervention for addressing alcohol use. You can register your school’s interest in being involved – either to receive the training for teachers at your school or to be involved in the consultation to develop the training. To read the full information about what being involved entails and to register your interest, please click on the link below and fill in the expression of interest form by 22nd September.

For funding reasons this is only open to schools in South and West Wales.


School Health Research Network
All member schools are eligible to use the logo on their websites and headed paper. We also provide a certificate to show the year that the school joined to display with other awards. It was clear that many schools would still value receiving these so we will email these out to all in the first half of this term.

The opinion was expressed that it would be useful if we could provide a certificate of attendance for events and webinars with a brief summary of the agenda to show the value of the training for Continuing Professional Development needs including evidence of training for the WNHSS National Quality Award. These will be sent to all those who attended our summer events in the next couple of weeks. 

Sci-screen showing of the film: Perks of being a Wallflower.
This event has been co-organised and will be co-facilitated by young people from ALPHA, DECIPHer’s advisory group of young people.  To find out more about the event and ALPHA click here.

  Cardiff University Curriculum Support
At the events we asked if schools would be interested in resources being developed to support the delivery of the new Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification. This work at the University is still in its infancy but there are already some opportunities identified within the Curriculum Support website. Check them out to see if any would suit your school. The site is designed to offer support across all areas of the school curriculum (activities can be searched by key stage, curriculum subject and type of activity) so while you are there check out other offers that would be useful.
Cancer Research UK
Cancer Research UK Cardiff Centre Open Day, 10am – 3pm, Saturday 24th October 2015 at Cardiff University. 
This is a great opportunity for your students to discover how CRUK are fighting Cancer in Wales. Students will be able to meet our cancer researchers, doctors and nurses, become a scientist for the day on a behind the scenes lab tour and learn more about local research through interesting talks and fun demonstrations. Click here to see a video of last year’s fantastic event and a taste of what to expect.’ For more information, please contact
We hope that you have enjoyed reading this newsletter and that it proves useful to you and your school. Thank you so much to those who attended the Network events for sharing their views so freely to ensure that the School Health Research Network develops to suit the needs of Secondary Schools in Wales. Please continue to share any other thoughts with us.

All the best to you all for the new academic year.

Joan, Gillian and Cheryl