Gweld e-bost hwn drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

We would very much like to thank you for your hard work and commitment to the Network last term. We thought you would like to know that over 38,000 students aged 11-18 years took part in the survey overall. We plan to provide schools with Student Health and Wellbeing Reports by Easter 2016, as requested.
This term we are asking all network schools to complete just one School Environment Questionnaire. It covers school policies and practices across a range of health and wellbeing areas. The questionnaire will be sent electronically and can be completed either by one member of staff or a team of staff with an interest in wellbeing. A PDF version will be included to allow all questions to be seen in advance of completion.

The information from the School Environment Questionnaires is very important for school health research because what you tell us can then be related to student responses on health and wellbeing issues and will provide useful information for the Welsh Network of Healthy Schools Scheme. We are finalising the questionnaire now and it will be sent to you in the next few weeks. Once you receive it you will have a month to complete it.
Webinar Invitation

Good Breakfast, Good Grades?
Thursday 4th February 2015

We have been asking you to ‘hold this date’ since the start of the academic year; however we are now happy to announce that Hannah Littlecott will give a presentation on her latest, much publicised, research paper:
Association between breakfast consumption and educational outcomes in 911-year old children. Click here
We will then discuss the possible implications of the findings for those in secondary schools.  *We would love to be able to share experiences from Network schools that offer breakfast. If your school does, please contact Joan as soon as possible so she can follow that up with you 02920 879609.

We will conclude the webinar with a brief sharing of Network news. For further information about how you can join us and to register click here
How Llanfyllin High School are using the termly Network webinars

Llyr Thomas, Deputy Head and Helen Lloyd, PSE Coordinator

‘Webinars are a useful way for interested staff to gain valuable professional development. No travel is required and there are no cover or cost implications.’ 

Click here.
Sharing how you use your Student Health and Wellbeing Reports
In last term’s newsletter, we fed back from our Summer Network Events on what schools are doing, or plan to do, with their Student Health and Wellbeing Reports. Click here if you missed it. At our events there was also a call for us to provide feedback in newsletters from individual schools on their use of their report. It would be great to hear from more of you if you thought you could share a short case study, especially after you receive your 2016 reports. Do let us know 

At the summer events the following two schools presented on how they were using their reports. Click here to review the presentation from Ysgol Aberconwy, Conwy and here for Cefn Hengoed School, Swansea.  The two lead members of staff have provided a brief update.

Reaping the rewards of student involvement in consideration of our Student Health and Wellbeing Report
Rhydian Jones, Ysgol Aberconwy, Conwy

At the summer event in Llandudno, Rhydian spoke about how staff and students had considered the data in their first Student Health and Wellbeing Report and had introduced student-led activities relating to sleep, energy drinks and sugary drinks.

Rhydian became Head of Wellbeing this academic year, a role which enables him to focus on staff and student health and wellbeing. He has put this to good effect as Aberconwy were awarded School of the Year at the Conwy Sports Awards. Students had an exciting day working with Non Evans, an Olympic and Commonwealth Games athlete, and with Callum Stonach, an ex-pupil who is a member of the Welsh Weightlifting coaching team.

The impact of student voice received particular praise for the way that the Sports Ambassadors, the School Nutrition Action Group and the School Council all work together to benefit the physical activity of the school community. The complimentary role of the staff within the health and wellbeing Professional Learning Community (PLC) was also noted as a particular strength within the school.

The school has immediate plans to introduce a 10,000 Step Challenge for students, staff and parents supported by the technology to monitor the results. Active travel to school is also being promoted through a Safe Routes to School project.

Rhydian is now keenly awaiting the school’s next Student Health and Wellbeing Report so that staff and students can monitor the impact of initiatives introduced and develop an action plan to take the school through to 2018.

The value of our Student Health and Wellbeing Report within our Estyn Inspection
Heather Cooper, Cefn Hengoed School, Swansea

We thought it would be helpful to hear Heather’s thoughts as to the value of their 2014 Student Health and Wellbeing Report within their recent Estyn Inspection, particularly as Estyn judged Welbeing to be excellent. Our congratulations go to all the staff and students for that achievement.

Heather explained that the Student Health and Wellbeing Report provided a vital component in the self-assessment relating to:
Key Question 1.2 Well being
Key Question 2.3.4 Care support and Guidance
She felt that the way that their school drilled down into the detail of student wellbeing to inform decision making was an important factor in the school achieving an Excellence grading.

The Inspection team was interested in seeing Cefn Hengoed’s student data in relation to wellbeing and wanted to explore what had interested and concerned the school community in relation to the health behaviours of students. The Report provides valuable evidence for use here.

Particular emphasis was given by Estyn as to what was put in place as a result of having the report in terms of the curriculum and Healthy School and other actions and how this was then evidenced in the School Development Plan and the Self-evaluation Report.

It was also noted by inspectors that subsequent reports (the School Health Research Network will provide one every two years) would be very helpful in further monitoring impact on student health and wellbeing.
The school used evidence from the following sources alongside their Student Health and Wellbeing Report:
  • The WG School Sports survey
  • ESTYN’s questionnaires to pupils and parents
  • Pupil attendance and exclusion data
  • The local authority ‘Super Survey’
Heather concludes by saying:
‘The data in itself does not provide answers, it signposts the questions to ask which in turn inform the identification of effective support strategies.’

Would you value training or support across your school curriculum from University staff and students? Visit the Cardiff University Curriculum Support Website. The site is designed so you can search activities by key stage, curriculum subject and type of activity. There are also activities and events to encourage students to aspire to higher education. Click here

Is lack of physical activity an issue of concern in your school? Why not hold your own school Race for Life? CRUK’s website provides lots of resources that will help older students to plan and run the event. Click here.
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