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In this CUT Talking (writers’ edit), we explore the best way to compose a story outline; we announce the Facebook winner of 10 CUT ebooks; you can find out how to make a free video; and we ask if these are the best 100 novels ever.

Your work deserves a stimulating story outline

When browsing in a bookshop and contemplating taking a gamble on a book or writer you’re not familiar with, what helps you to make a decision? Now, transpose this process to an online activity, and it becomes clear that your Story Outline plays an important part in catching the eye of a reader. In effect, it is your ebook’s blurb.
We’ve discovered that all too often it is considered as an afterthought, and is hurriedly put together during the story upload process. So, the CUT editorial team have given this some careful thought and created a blog which helps to focus on what makes a powerful Story Outline.
Remember that you can update the Outline of any ebook already published on CUT by logging in and selecting Edit Story in your Sales Account. Read more

Preparing CUT for launch

Here at CUT Towers, there is currently a great deal of work going on behind the scenes. Our web development team is working on a re-design of the site which is focussed on preparing it for our launch to readers by improving the site navigation and making it more user-friendly, so that it’s easy, interesting and enjoyable for a reader to find an ebook they like. They’re also adding more facilities for marketing your work to readers. Meanwhile, the finance team is busy raising funds to enable us to expand our ambitious marketing plans, to take CUT writers’ work to a global reader audience.

New members’ spotlight

Welcome to Stephen Tyson and Gill Blow, two writers who have joined CUT recently.
Stephen is a graduate of the Open University and a published short fiction writer. His favourite writers are W.H. Auden, Edward Thomas, and Graham Greene. He currently has 2 ebooks available on CUT.
Gill’s short stories have won several awards, including the International Rubery Book Award in 2013. She has adapted a number of them for the stage, and “Ladies of the Soil”, which is available on CUT, was broadcast on Radio 4 as a winner of the Opening Lines series. She is currently working on her first novel.
We look forward to receiving further submissions from Stephen and Gill. See all CUT writers

The best 100 novels ever written in English?

We’re always interested to read these compilation lists of the best literature, but this one published by the Observer and is especially fascinating because of the way it was compiled over a two year period.
Read more about it on our blog.

Facebook winner of 10 ebooks

We’re delighted to announce that our Summer Facebook Giveaway has been won by Brendan O’Neill, an award winning screenwriter and film-maker from Birmingham UK, who gets to choose 10 free ebooks from the selection of almost 400 available on CUT. Make sure you’ve ‘liked’ our Facebook page to hear about more offers and competitions in the future.
To ‘like’ CUT

Social Media Marketing for Writers

Are you using social media to reach out to your readers and other writers? Are you up to speed with the latest developments?
CUT is delighted to be sponsoring a presentation at this year’s NAWE conference in Durham, to be given by an expert in the field, Luke Quilter, founder and managing director of Sleeping Giant Media, a UK leader in the field of online marketing, and a key member of the CUT team.

CUT writers on video

New videos on the CUT YouTube channel include submissions from Brindley Hallam Dennis, R.G Tooth and Jayne Woodhouse.
Recording a video while you read an extract from an ebook can be easier than you may think, and a video can be a great way to encourage a reader to buy your work. It will also be an extremely useful tool in social media marketing.
You can submit your self-made video to us at, or take advantage of our free recording sessions at the NAWE conference. There are a few 30-minute slots still available, so please email now to book your slot in advance.

Celebrities join our campaign against VAT on e-books 

Everyone who loves to read should sign the CUT e-petition campaigning against the 20% VAT charged on e-books. It’s not just for writers.

Recently it’s been signed by a flurry of celebrities – people who are known as both readers and writers.

Please pass the CAVe link below on to all your friends, family and contacts, and please use social media to spread the word!
Help us to get VAT on e-books abolished!

Sign CAVe CUT Against VAT on e-Books

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