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In this CUT Talking you can find out how you could win 10 CUT ebooks; we show you how easy it is to post a review; we highlight a great short story we think you’ll love; you can find out how you can join writers in supporting the BBC; and we welcome further valuable support for our CAVe campaign.

Win 10 CUT ebooks!

In the coming weeks we are launching a great Facebook giveaway, in which one lucky winner will receive ten ebooks of their choice from the fantastic selection on the CUT site. Simply go to our Facebook site and ‘like’ CUT to ensure that you receive details of how to enter.  To ‘like’ CUT 

Your reviews matter

As a CUT reader, you appreciate quality writing. Your opinion of the ebooks on the CUT site really does matter – to the CUT team, and to our writers. On the final page of every ebook there is a link which enables you to quickly leave a star rating. As an option, you can also choose to leave a comment about the work you have just read. This will be seen by the writer, and by other readers. However, you don’t have to link from your copy of the ebook to do this – as an alternative you can simply log in to the site, go to the ebook, and click ‘Add your review’.

Featured writer - Chrissie Gittins

Chrissie GittinsChrissie is one of our long-established writers. A multi-award winning author, she has published successful collections of poetry, children’s poetry, and pamphlets, as well as short stories and a number of radio plays. Originally from Lancashire, Chrissie now lives in Forest Hill, and lists her favourite authors as Alan Bennett, Carys Davies and Ali Smith. Chrissie currently has six short stories available on CUT.

The wonder of second-hand bookshops

Second hand booksWe don’t know anyone who lives to write or loves to read who does not relish a visit to a second-hand bookshop. Common to all is the delightful experience of whiling away some time, hoping to find an unexpected personal treasure; yet each shop has its own character, charm, specialities, and even smells.
We were delighted to find this book lovers’ list of second-hand bookshops published by BuzzFeed.

If you have your own personal favourite, do let other CUT members know, by posting a comment to the CUT Blog

Featured ebook – “Red Sky at Night” by Colette Coen

Red Sky at Night short storyA family has relocated to Australia from Scotland and as the sun beats down and the temperatures climb ever higher, all is not well. Colette Coen captures the harshness of the parched, drought ridden landscape beautifully and her evocative, poetic prose gives us a short glimpse into a life where whispers and trouble follow the protagonists and the red dust of the scorched earth clings to all it touches, like guilt on a troubled conscience.
A captivating short story for only 99p

New writer members’ spotlight 

Welcome to Steve Wilson and David Churchill Barrow, two writers who have joined CUT recently. 
Red Sky at Night short storySteve is based in Lancashire, and writes novels as well as short-form work. He enjoys crime stories with a twist in the tail, but has also written factual sport-based books. We have already published two collections of his work: one of sci-fi stories, and another of romantic stories with a twist.
David is an attorney and historian living near Tampa, Florida, USA and can trace his love of historical fiction back to a book-cover picture of a sword-fight. You can find out which book it was on his Writer Profile Page. He also writes non-fiction military and historical articles.
We look forward to receiving further submissions from Steve and David.
See all CUT writers

The BBC – love it or lose it

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain is campaigning for a strong, independent and properly-funded BBC so it can carry out its duties as a public service broadcaster and protect quality scripted drama and comedy on TV and radio, and the broader cultural role it plays with its orchestras and the Open University. If you would like to support the campaign, the WGGB website has a list of things you can do to help.  Read more

The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain backs our campaign against VAT on e-books 

We are delighted that major writers’ associations such as WGGB and the National Association of Writers in Education are lending their support to CAVe. But it’s not just for writers. Everyone who loves to read should sign the CUT e-petition campaigning against the 20% VAT charged on e-books. Please use the link below to sign, then pass it on to all your friends, family and contacts, and please use social media to spread the word!
There has never been VAT on printed books. Help us to get VAT on ebooks abolished!

Sign CAVe CUT Against VAT on e-Books

Don’t forget

CUT is here to make great quality e-books available to readers around the world. If you have any ideas of other ways we can help, or resources we can develop on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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