Copyright free images; reader reviews; new look for CUT; happy Fathers’ Day
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Writers' Edit
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In this CUT Talking (writers’ edit), we suggest sources of images for your e-book covers, highlight the importance of reader reviews, and give news of major developments to the CUT site.

Front cover images - DIY

Many CUT writers are relishing the challenge of providing an image for the cover of their e-book - see Edward Cartner’s post. We do not require a high resolution picture - for full details see the CUT Help page, which you can reach via the link at the bottom of the Home page. If, like Edward, you enjoy the creative process of taking your own image so that it is perfectly suited to the content of your e-book, then even a basic amateur digital camera, or even a smartphone, is more than adequate.

Front cover images – copyright free

As a writer, you will appreciate the importance of respecting the copyright on a piece of creative work; at CUT, we do everything we can to protect your work, including developing CUT e-Tag (patent applied for). Photographers have been particularly vulnerable to people who are prepared to abuse the laws of copyright. When you load your story, you are agreeing that you are entitled to use the cover image. For those of you who don’t want to create your own image, we have a useful new blog listing some online sources of copyright free images. Read more

New members

Welcome to Colette Coen and Philip Mervyn, two of the many writers who have joined CUT recently. Coincidentally, both started writing seriously in 1990. Colette won the Waterstones Crime in the City competition in 2013, and has two e-books published by CUT; her favourite book is The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

Philip, originally from Liverpool, is delighted to have more time recently to devote to writing; he already has four e-books listed on CUT. His favourite authors are Graham Greene and Kazuo Ishiguro. We look forward to receiving further submissions from Colette and Philip.

Site update - reviews

One of the areas we have been developing recently is our reader reviews. We consider reviews to be an important part of the CUT writers’ community, enabling you to get feedback directly from your readers, and helping to sell more of your work. If you go into your personal drop-down menu, you will see that you now have two new options – to enable you to see all the reviews your work has received, in one place, and similarly to see all the reviews you have given to the work of other writers.

A most prolific reviewer

One writer who believes strongly in the usefulness and importance of reviews is Eugen Bacon. Eugen is an avid reader of CUT e-books. She says “CUT offers a wonderful opportunity to read from new and established writers who understand what the short story is about, some of whom are studying or teaching creative writing. The NAWE link is, for me, a form of quality assurance. I have read some amazing shorts on this forum. In reviewing these gems I hope to encourage more people to discover them.”  

Upgrading the CUT platform and a ‘new look’

We are constantly making improvements to the CUT site, focussed on improving the experience for writers and readers alike. But in the next couple of months you will see some major changes – many of them resulting directly from your suggestions. As ever, thank you for your valuable feedback. The first change you will notice will be an updated CUT logo, the result of many hours of professional design input, which will appear on the site in the next few weeks. 

Happy Fathers’ Day

If you’re in the UK, US or Canada, don’t forget that this Sunday is Fathers’ Day…….and if you’re thinking of giving a few CUT e-books as a gift, remember that you can personalise each one by making a dedication on the inside front cover!

You could try Photographs of her Father, by Carmen Nina Walton, or After Addition, by Sarah Salway.

New government; same 20% tax on e-books 

The arrival of a new government has not diminished our intent to encourage as many people as possible to sign our e-petition campaigning against VAT on e-books. Everyone who loves to read should sign. It’s not just for writers. Please pass the CAVe link below on to all your friends, family and contacts, and please use social media to spread the word! Help us to get VAT on e-books abolished.

Sign CAVe CUT Against VAT on e-Books

Don’t forget

CUT is about writers and their work. If you have any ideas of other ways we can help, or resources we can develop on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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