October, 2015
Volume:1; Issue:6
NJAC - Call to the Law Makers
FDR/Lok Satta has initiated a mammoth exercise of providing the background material in support of NJAC to all Members of the Parliament (MP’s). This exercise is intended to urge all the MP’s to stand united and protect the integrity of the Constitution, supremacy of Parliament and democratic legitimacy of all institutions, if the Supreme Court rules against the NJAC on specious grounds such as ‘executive interference’ and ‘loss of judicial independence’. Here is the letter written by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan to all parliamentarians and the enclosed background material supporting NJAC.
Rationalization of Reservations- FAQ's

FDR/ Lok Satta’s proposal towards rationalization of reservations is being widely debated across print, electronic and social media. Many queries were sent from various quarters regarding the Key Changes suggested by us. We have responded to the queries in the form of FAQ's to bring more clarity on the changes proposed to the reservation policy.
Read them here>>>
Indian Agriculture : Challenges and Reforms

"We can say that Indian Agriculture is in the midst of a major crisis"
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