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Volume 27 Number 13  |  11/13/2020
Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.

John 15:13

Varsity Football vs San Marcos Hill Country*
Shipman Field

*Will be streamed on starting at 7:15PM

Varsity Volleyball vs
San Angelo Cornerstone Christian
Rochelle ISD Gym



Grammar School

Mrs. Brantley's message in Grammar School chapel was to give thanks in all circumstances, as St. Paul exhorted the Thessalonians. 

Mrs. Brantley pulled items out of a box and gave thanks for different aspects of each item, from the smoothness of a coke bottle to the versatility of a face mask, she reminded us that we must exercise gratitude for everything that we use in life.

Upper School

For our Veterans Day chapel, Mrs. Music led us in the Star Spangled banner, and Mr. E touched on details about his military service in Vietnam and explained that the phrase "Thank you for your service" should have a deeper meaning than we typically apply to it. Many men and women come back from their service to a society that they no longer can identify with, or function healthily in, because of their experiences defending our freedoms and liberties. They make the ultimate sacrifice physically and mentally, and we should be generous with our time and energy with those who return to our country in pain.
Veterans Day Wall of Honor
Heritage School honored our veterans on Veterans Day through a wall of photographs, titles, and stories of soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines, all a part of the extended Heritage family. The photos and stories inspired reflection among students and staff alike this week. Thank you to our military men and women, and their families, for their service in preserving the freedom and values of our great nation, under God.
About Absences and Tardies

The Heritage education is designed to work efficiently and with good focus.  Hence, we have grading periods that are punctuated by holidays at the end of each quarter. Our total number of days in school is less than the typical public school year. This intentionally shorter schedule works because of small class size, excellent teaching, and good breaks.  

However, if students do not attend classes for reasons other than illness, they miss instruction and discussion that is central to their education.  For this reason, we strongly encourage students to avoid missing school for any reason other than illness.  

At times, a family trip may require an extra day or two for travel.  A college visit is also important and we encourage those.  

Such absences are PLANNED absences and the parent and student need to fill out a PLANNED ABSENCE request.  The student then gathers from the teachers the assignments needed. 

For illnesses/appointments:

If a student has fever, we require  staying at home until the fever has been gone (without meds) for at least 24 hours. 

After any absence for illness or doctor/dental appointments, we request that parents send a note to the office stating the reason for the absence.

Excessive Absences   In the event the total number of absences, whether planned or unplanned, is equal to or exceeds ten days in one semester, the students’ parents will meet with the appropriate grade-level Director to determine whether the student will receive credit for that semester. (from the Parent & Student Handbook)

We hope and trust that all students will be able to attend every class and gain the full benefit of the excellent Heritage education!

Senior Share

The three graduating seniors in the Heritage football program shared about their time in varsity football and significant experiences that changed them. 

Josh Hoermann, Sam Richburg, and Finn Sawtelle conveyed their sincere thoughts and emotions about their team and coaches.

Coach Shipman honored the seniors and commented:
"We can't wait to see what God's plan is for you on the other side of those gates!"

Students Exceed Expectations for Samaritan's Purse Giving

Students K-12 participated in giving to the Samaritan's Purse charity, which provides aid to people in need as a key part of its Christian ministry.
Over the course of a couple of weeks, Houses and classes filled up shoeboxes with fun toys, hygiene items, and school supplies, and delivered them to Mrs. Dee's truck to be delivered to Samaritan's Purse.
Heritage far exceeded our expectations and filled 127 shoeboxes in total, 68 from upper school and 59 from Grammar School!

Dear Heritage Family,

It feels as if we just started the year, but it’s already moving quickly into the holiday season!  How blessed we have been to open on time and function normally this year!  I want to share with you our current plan for the season, especially the Christmas program and the plan for final exams.

Because of COVID restrictions on large gatherings, we have adjusted our plans:

Eisbahn is moving forward with city approval, with a  limit of 33 skaters  on the ice at a time.

Note: we will have the traditional FREE skating for Heritage families after Christmas programs:


Christmas Program—We are planning for two separate programs on the same night, Dec 7th:

  • Students in K-5th will have their program at 6:00-6:40 in MPAC.   

  • Afterwards there will be an intermission and dismissal.  

  • This time will also allow a quick transition for the 6-12th Music students to gather in MPAC for their program which will begin at 7:00pm.  (Required Logic, Rhetoric attire is indicated below.)

  • Unless we receive new information from the health authorities, we will have to limit attendees to immediate families of these student groups. 

We will require all who attend to wear face masks and observe the usual protocols.


High School Exams -  In order to plan ahead for our potential STATE football championship game (Dec 18 in Waco), the Board of Trustees approved canceling school that day. The final exams for high school will take place the three last days of the semester, Dec 15-17).


Christmas attire for 6th-12th:

Rehearsals are in full swing for our upcoming Christmas program on December 7th. The students are working hard to be able to present a beautiful evening of music. This is always such a special event in the life of our school. In preparation for that evening, please see the information listed below regarding your student’s attire for the concert.

Logic Ladies’ Attire:

Black and White: dress, black skirt or pants, white blouse, or pants suit with black flat shoes


Logic Gentlemen’s Attire:

Black or navy pants, white button-down collared shirt, Christmas tie (bow ties are allowed), and dark (black preferred) dress shoes


Rhetoric Ladies’ Attire:

Choir dresses with sash and black flats


Rhetoric Gentlemen’s Attire:

Choir tuxes with black dress shoes


Thank you and God bless you!  Stay healthy…

N. Hierholzer

November 27 - January 3 at Fredericksburg Marktplatz!

LAST WEEK - On Monday, Nov 16, the spreadsheet to sign up for Eisbahn trailer shifts will be locked. Families, please be sure to sign up if you have not and plan to, and if you have already, double check your time slot!

Email with any questions.


The Christmas holiday will begin on

December 18th*

*this is a Board-approved calendar change
Thanksgiving Holidays 🦃
Nov 25 - 27

Christmas Programs
Dec 7, 6PM & 7PM
(see details elsewhere in the Herald)

Skating at Eisbahn afterwards,
   free for Heritage families    

🎄 Christmas Holidays 

Dec 18 - Jan 3

Student Holiday - Teacher Workday

Jan 4

Land's End Sale!

Click on the image above to shop for uniforms on sale!

Wilder Lesson

Mrs. Self gave third graders a special, in-depth look into the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, based on her personal research and love for the author.

Nature Study

Fourth grade made pine cone bird feeders and went on a nature walk at Lady Bird Park to enhance our study of birds and autumn leaves.

Fifth Grade Mammals

Fifth grade students researched various mammals, made posters, and presented them in front of the class. 

Desk "Cave" Paintings

Mrs. Borchers's sixth grade art class took shelter underneath their desks for a more realistic, cave-like environment, in order to mimic the style of cave paintings. 

Senior Art Projects Near Conclusion

Seniors are approaching completion of their self-portraits placed in historically renowned art pieces.



Varsity volleyball girls defeated Living Rock Academy to go to Regionals THIS SATURDAY at 2:30PM against San Angelo Cornerstone Christian!


Logic Basketball
HOME vs Living Rock
5:00PM, Nov 16

Logic Basketball
HOME vs Hunt
5:00PM, Nov 19

Varsity Girls Basketball
AWAY at Johnson City
6:00PM, Fri, Nov 20

Varsity Football
Bi-District Playoff
Fri, Nov 20
Heritage moms, please send an email to Kelli Stone if you are interested in joining the Moms in Prayer prayer team.
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