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Volume 26 Number 24  |  2/28/2020
Where then are the gods you made for yourselves? Let them come if they can save you when you are in trouble! For you have as many gods as you have towns, O Judah.

—Jeremiah 2:28

Kindergarten Preview -
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Upper School

This week's upper school chapel was all about sacrifice. Chapel speaker Trent Williams spoke about the meaning of sacrifice, based around the theme of Lent, the most well-known time of sacrifice. He gave the definition of sacrifice as "the act of doing something at cost to you for the benefit of something or someone." It is not a time to give up sugar, soda, or candy if you were planning on going on a diet anyway, he stated. It is a time to change your mindset towards service and giving. It is also a way to grow closer to God, to sacrifice time that you would spend, say, watching Netflix, and instead speak with God. He discussed how a dog or a baby knows their master or parent's voice instinctively and can pick it out of a crowd because they have heard their voice so often. We should strive to have a relationship like that with God, and without speaking with him regularly, we can lose that instinctual connection with him. Lent can be a time to become closer in that way.


In-House Speech Meet (Grammar School):

March 2 (new date!)

HSPA Meeting:

March 5, 8:00AM

Spring Break: 

Mar 9 - 13
Mr. Sultemeier's junior Bible Doctrines class was asked to write responses to a quote from A.W. Tozer:  “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.

Below are those responses:

A)        Tozer’s quote expresses that what we think about God is the number one thing that defines us.  Our understanding, or our interpretation, of God and this world is what defines our worldview.  And, in accordance, our paradigm concerning God and the world is what drives our actions, feelings, thoughts, moral compass, and just how we live our lives in general.
            Our worldview, born from the way we view God and the world, defines the way we look at the work of creation.  For instance, for an agnostic or atheist, the world around us has no real meaning, and adhering to the moral code of Social Darwinism – or lack thereof – fellow humans and all of creation have no intrinsic value.  Therefore, nothing really matters.  However, from a Biblical worldview, creation is seen in a completely different way.  God created everything, giving it worth and meaning.  God defines the meaning, not us.  From a Biblical worldview, everything and everyone has intrinsic value; there is a moral code, and there is a purpose.  As Christians, it is our job to see these things, proclaim the Glory of God, live lives of meaning for God’s glory (He gave us life as a gift.); and, we ought to be good stewards of creation.
            In relation to the work of providence, the way we think about God and the world has profound implications.  For one, with a truly Biblical worldview, every event and every instance in life is an act of Divine Providence.  God is in control of everything in the world and in our individual lives.  It is humbling, as it renders us dependent on the Creator.  It is comforting, as God is carrying us, and we need only to trust in Him.  It is empowering because God provides for us; and all we need to do is to try and do everything we can for His purposes, and He will use us according to His plan for history.
            At the center of it all is God’s plan of redemption, where He provided a means of salvation to all the world.  In looking at the world this way, we remember to count our blessings, and remember that we are not merely subjected to arbitrary events and intrusions.  There is a plan and a purpose.  Everything is purposeful and premeditated.  Everything will happen according to God’s divine plan.
B)        What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important question because it builds the rest of our worldview.  When you think about God, the first thing to come to your mind might not be a perfect Sunday School answer, and that is important.  Convincing yourself you believe something different than what you do would be a lie.  The belief in God, depending on what form that takes often can lead a person’s moral compass or belief system.  A Christian may have a different mindset from a non-Christian. 
            Our belief in God also should affect our views of creation, or the start of the universe.  Some Christians believe in a 6-day creation, while a non-Christian would find that idea ridiculous.  This belief could impact both sides’ futures in different ways. 
            Providence is another serious topic affected by the answer.  It can affect whether one believes in predestination, which could change their behavior, or someone could believe in random chance, and may live life differently.  Overall, it is a question that covers so many topics that the answer could paint a picture of not only your belief system, but who you are.
C)        From this quote, we learn that it is important to figure out what we think about God.  As a Christian, our belief is founded around God Himself.  This means that what we think about Him determines where we stand in our faith.  The Bible declares God as the Great Creator.  When looking at the earth, it is hard not to see the work of a divine being through everything that has been created.  God cannot be denied because His creation glorifies Him and proves His existence through its complexity.  It is also important that we think of God through the work of providence.  Through providence, it is clearly seen that God provides for us.  He maintains and sustains the world.  In the end, what we think about God defines our faith.  He is the glorious, loving, caring, teaching, and providing Creator.

Bible Reading Marathon

Parents, Teachers, Students, Alumni, and Friends of Heritage School —
We are participating in a local Bible Reading Marathon on Saturday April 5th. Please take a look at our flyer and let Mr. Turpin know if you would be willing to take one of our remaining time blocks for the reading of God’s Word. And you don’t need to read the entire time. The time blocks can be divided and shared. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the living and active Word of God and suitable for all ages!


Let's score the touchdown!

Annual Fund for Excellence:

2020 Financial Goal: $160,000
Participation Goal: 100% 
Raised to date: $87,684
Trustees: 100% participation
Faculty and staff: 100% participation
Parents: 49% participation

Thank you for your continued support this week!
Ahead of last year but still have a way to go!


The more we raise, the more our children benefit.
Your gift supports our Family Tuition Assistance, faculty salaries, classroom instruction, technology, the arts - it closes the gap between tuition revenue and the true cost of a Heritage education.

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1st Grade

After reading the story “Birthday Soup” in their Little Bear reader, first grade made chicken noodle soup. It was the perfect lunch on Wednesday since it was cold and windy.

2nd Grade

Second grade made slingshots and then acted out the story of David and Goliath in Bible.
They also read The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy Winkle by Beatrix Potter and then made hedgehogs like her out of potatoes.

3rd Grade

In small groups, third graders worked together to find and record length, width, height, and volume of different boxes.

4th Grade

Fourth graders made their own rafts and tested them out for the first graders. They are reading Caddie Woodlawn, a book about a pioneer girl who loves to raft across the river.

5th Grade

Students in fifth grade are learning about Rembrandt through picture studies. This week we studied Jacob Wrestling with the Angel which was painted in 1659 and is now in a museum in Berlin. 
Can you guess which Greek gods or goddesses these fifth graders would like to be for a day? 

12th Grade

Captain Ahab (aka Wess Burnett) rallies his crew to seek Moby Dick in Mrs. Hierholzer's junior American Literature class.

Forbes Article Regarding the Potential Misnomer, "Liberal Arts" 

As for the liberal arts, I’ve long argued it needs more of rebranding than a reboot because its educational relevance is as great as ever. The terminology we’re using is the problem. As a path to a good job for their child, parents rank a liberal arts degree below “no college at all.” That should give us all an idea of how bad the brand is, yet at the same time every employer in the world is clamoring for graduates who are creative, persuasive and collaborative—all of which are hallmarks of the liberal arts. What the liberal arts really are is a universal education. Education that can be applied generally to any kind of field or situation. So from this point forward, let’s call it a universal education please!


February was Dental Health Month. Dr. Jay Lindsay, a local dentist, visited Kindergarten, first, and second grades to talk about dental health.
Mr. Z mentors sophomore STEM students as they cut wood for their projects.


Marathon Challenge Finisher

Kaleb Williams finished the marathon challenge this week, an effort to complete running 26.2 miles over the course of the semester. 


The season is in full swing. Tennis, anyone?

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By simply purchasing SCRIP cards for items you are already buying, you raise money for the school.
Do you buy:
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By purchasing SCRIP cards for HEB, Walmart, and Walgreens plus thousands of other companies, a portion of your gift card purchase is rebated to Heritage School. For example, Land’s End offers a 15% rebate.  If you buy $100 worth of uniforms using a gift card purchased through the scrip program Heritage receives $15!
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This is money you are already spending, not additional funds. By simply purchasing your cards through the SCRIP Program, you can turn your normal buying into fundraising for the school….it’s also a great way to stick to a budget!
If you have questions, or need help setting up your account, your SCRIP coordinator is:
Teresa Basse 997-6597 or
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