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Volume 26 Number 18  |  1/17/2020
“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Galatians 3:28 

Semiformal Dance! 

MLK Day of Service Schedule
Monday, Jan 20

MLK day:

8:00-8:45    Chapel in MPAC led by 11th grade

The plan for Monday’s MLK service projects is as follows:

Grammar School
  • Kinder and 2nd Grade - care for memory care residents
  • 1st - cleaning up on school property
  • 3rd  - sanitizing all doors and windows
  • 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades - Knopp Nursing home care
  • 5th - packing food at Hill Country church
Logic School
  • 6th grade is accompanying 4th grade to one of the Knopp nursing homes.
  • 7th & 8th grades are visiting Celeste Care as well as another Knopp nursing home.
Rhetoric School
  • House of  Da Vinci to serve at Hospice Thrift Store from 9:00 - 11:15AM.
  • House of Lewis to serve at St. Vincent’s from 9:00 - 11:15AM.
  • House Shakespeare will assist at the SPCA.
  • House Washington will clean up Highway 290.
Dismissal at 11:30. If Rhetoric School students return to school a few minutes early, they are free to leave. All other students will be dismissed from Heritage.


Pastor Tommy Russell from Fredericksburg Church spoke at this week's chapel. He discussed how we can learn to listen to the Lord, telling us how God does not yell at us; we need to be trained to hear from him. Tommy gave the example of him being introduced to hunting as a boy, not knowing what to listen for to hear the deer he was hunting. After many outings without a kill, he finally gained the courage to ask his grandfather what deer actually sounded like. His grandfather helped train him on what deer sounded like, and now he can hear deer from far distances. Similarly, we must be trained to hear what God is communicating to us, whether via His direct voice, symbols in our lives, an event that makes way for a decision to be made, or the closing of a door in life that needed to be closed. We hear His voice through the Bible, from Him in the form of a sermon from a preacher that inspires God's message, from other people, from dreams. Whatever medium it may be, the only way you get to hear God's voice is by spending time with Him. If you don't pray or don't read the Bible, you lose the ability to clearly hear His voice. Pastor Russell explained that we actually hear sounds all the time, but need to take things away that distract us, which is the purpose of quiet time with God. We must take away some of the ambient sounds of life to be able to hear from Him.

Upper School Staff
Hosts Lunch 

On Wednesday, Upper School teachers and admin staff hosted a luncheon for the Grammar School teachers in the Herzog Hall music room. Teachers enjoyed a delicious taco salad lunch and great fellowship.  


Logic School
Semi-Formal (7:00PM-10:00PM):

Jan 18

Martin Luther King Day of Service/Early Release (11:30AM): 

Jan 20

Grammar School
Shakespeare Day &
Early Release (11:30AM): 

Jan 31


The amount raised for the Annual Fund now at stands at $84,000, with parent participation at 43%.

Trustees are at 100% participation
Faculty and staff are at 100% participation

We are ahead of last year - but still have a way to go to reach both the financial and participation goal.


Remember, the Annual Fund supports our Family Tuition Assistance Program as well as faculty salaries, classroom instruction, technology, arts, and a rich array of visual/performing arts, sports, leadership and service opportunities.

Your gift fills our school's revenue gap between tuition income and the cost of education our students. As a parent, your donation provides the margin of excellence in delivering our distinctive Classical, Christ-centered education.
Use the button below if you're ready to give:
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1st Grade

First grade enjoyed homemade chocolate chip cookies after reading the chapter, "Cookies” in the book Frog and Toad.

2nd Grade

Second grade harvested broccoli and cauliflower from the garden and then ate it raw and steamed for lunch!


Heritage student Jailee Goodman showed lambs at the Gillespie County Stock Show last week. She won 3rd and 6th medium wool heavy weights.


First grade had fun making snow as we study Antarctica and the Arctic as well as the animals and weather!
The third annual marathon challenge is underway at Heritage. The off-season/PE students have taken on the challenge to cover a distance of 26.2 miles over the course of the winter season. The program prevents students from being overwhelmed with the big goal but break it down to manageable increments, making slow progress toward an amazing accomplishment. Their daily mileage is tallied so they get to see their progress. Students who run on their own time can gain credit toward their mark as well. After all, one of the main goals is to introduce exercise and movement so they can continue these habits into adulthood. The World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control recommend 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise weekly plus twice a week strength or weight lifting. 

Our first finisher this year is Sophia Shelton. She put in extra time running on her own outside class to achieve her goal. The following day, Mady Smith achieved her 26.2 mark. Congratulations ladies!



Logic Boys

Thursday 1-9-20 game Vs. Marble Falls Faith Academy:

Heritage                  35
Faith Academy        39

High Scorers: CJ Barnett 12, Tres Jons 12, Tristan Roberts 5, Gauge Varwig 2, Trace Atkinson 2, Garrett Gentry 2

Comments: In this game, we wanted to get the younger players more playing time to build confidence and experience. With four players fouling out, leaving no 8th graders, the young guys got experience and respect from the older guys having to play four on five in the last half of the fourth quarter, which was a big win. 

-- Coach Chris Moldenhauer
Monday 1-13-20 game Vs. First Baptist Academy:

Heritage           36
FBA                  25

Scoring: CJ Barnett 27, Tres Jons 5, Tristan Roberts 4

Comments: We got off to a slow start and could not get any shots to fall. The boys came out in the 2nd half ready to play defense, and outscored FBA 18-9 in the 3rd and 12-2 in the 4th. CJ had a great night once he figured out FBA couldn’t stop him from getting to the basket. We took advantage of that and kept feeding him the ball. These boys are learning to work together and do their part whatever it might be game to game.

-- Coach Chris Moldenhauer

Logic Girls

Heritage     8     4     6     8    -    28
FBA            4     1     6     2    -    13

Leading Scorers: Eleanor Loggie 12, Ellie Shipman 8

Once again, the Eagles secured another win due to their tenacious defense. These girls have taken pride on that side of the ball. It helped us jump out to an 8-2 start and we never looked back. In the second half, we started playing good team basketball as we moved the ball well and kept attacking the basket from the post.

-- Coach Tim Shipman
Varsity Girls

Heritage    4      8     9    10   -    31
FBA           10   10    11    6    -   37

Leading scorers: Josie Fevig 12, Madison Brantley 9 

The Eagles had a rough first quarter and struggled all night to dig themselves out of the deficit that they got in. The girls fought hard till the end but when you play a well-coached team like FBA you have to play flawless basketball. The shots just didn't fall for us and they did for them. We have to get back in the film room, correct our mistakes, and be ready for San Angelo Cornerstone Friday night.

-- Coach Kevin Perez
Varsity Boys

Heritage        9 -   9 - 12 - 15     45
Castle Hills  14 - 23 - 10 - 9       56

Points: John Fritzsch 14, Josh Hoermann 14, Caden Bray 6, Sam Richburg 11

Coach's Comments: If you take the second quarter away we would have won this game. We definitely didn’t execute well in the second quarter and didn’t rotate well on defense. After half time adjustments and a motivational speech, I’m proud how the boys responded in the second half. I think we have a very special basketball team when we put it all together. We will shake this one off and be ready to get after San Angelo on Friday. 
Heritage        16  16   28   8     68
First Baptist    7     4    6    6     22

Points: John Fritzsch 9, Josh Hoermann 3, Caden Bray 5, Luke Roberts 6, Josh Tabor 3, Sam Richburg 17, Aidan Hickey 1, Jack Henderson 11, Gage Nelson 2, Finn Sawtelle 3, Jake Roberts 6

Coach's Comments: We came out flying in this game. We pressured the opposing team and did a great job in the open court finishing and making great decisions. The intensity on defense has been our focus, and I believe we captured what I have been looking for tonight. These young men bring their hard hat into practice every day, and it is starting to show in game-time scenarios. I’m lucky to coach an excellent group of young men that have bought into our system.
Heritage          19   9   8   11     47
Living Rock       6    7  10  11     34

Points: Josh Hoermann 14, Sam Richburg 14, John Fritzsch 12, Noah Given 3, Caden Bray 2, Luke Roberts 2, 

Rebounds: John Fritzsch 7, Josh Hoermann 10, Caden Bray 1, Luke Roberts 3, Noah Given 4

Assist : John Fritzsch 2 , Josh Hoermann 5, Caden Bray 3, Luke Roberts 1, Sam Richburg 3

Steals : John Fritzsch 2, Josh Hoermann 4, Caden Bray 2, Luke Roberts 2, Sam Richburg 3

Blocks : Josh Hoermann 2, Caden Bray 2

Coach's Comments: This was a great way to open up district play on the road. We did a great job of handling the pressure in this game. Living Rock stayed in a 1-2-2 zone and tried to keep us off balance. We did a great job of making the right plays. We played together, shared the ball, and I am happy with the chemistry we exemplified. With each game under our belt, I feel that we are getting better. We didn’t shoot the ball incredibly tonight, but we did enough to get the job done.The defensive side of the ball looked great for three quarters. We had a little lapse late in the game, but all in all it was a great effort by our young men. I am blessed to be their coach and can’t wait to get after it again.

-- Coach Clarence Stewart
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