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Volume 26 Number 15  |  12/16/2019
For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever BELIEVETH in him should not perish, but have

John 3:16

Christmas Program

The Heritage Christmas Program took place on Monday evening followed by a night of skating at Eisbahn.

The program  featured music taken from what the students in upper school were studying in their music class and featured songs and instruments from the Middle Ages.  In addition, K-5 classes sang songs they learned throughout the semester.  The program consisted of performances by grades K-12 of Christmas hymns like "What Child Is This," "The First Noel," "Joy to the World," and readings from Logic and Rhetoric School students. They recounted the birth of Jesus Christ from different perspectives of those around at the time of His birth, like a shepherd and the innkeeper. Rhetoric School students serenaded the audience of family and friends with melodies from instruments like the recorder and bells. Grammar School students dressed as historical figures from Jesus's birth - shepherds, wise men, angels, sheep... and even a duck. The program ended with the entire upper school and volunteer faculty and other audience members and grandparents circling the sanctuary and ending with a medley of Christmas songs, accompanied by grandparent Jeryl Hoover. Many thanks to First Baptist Church for their festive facility and for all the work by Bob Straus, Donna Vaughan, and Alicia Music as well as all the teachers.

Afterwards, Eisbahn was opened up exclusively to Heritage families for a skate night to cap off a night celebrating the symbolic season of our Lord's birth. 

Nix Receives RYLA Acceptance

Rotary Club has accepted Riley Nix for their RYLA experience. Open to more than 150 outstanding representatives of clubs throughout the District, the RYLA Conference is held in January over the Martin Luther King weekend at the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch in New Braunfels.

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program seeks to provide young adults, ages 14-30, with an opportunity to develop their skills and character while exposing them to Rotary’s values of service, high ethical standards, and peace.

Finals Schedules

December 17

December 18

December 19


Parents - go to and click on the Eisbahn image to see when you're scheduled!


Rhetoric School Exams - Tuesday, Dec 17-
Thursday, Dec 19 (Students may wear jeans and Heritage shirt)

Spirit Dress or Christmas Shirt/Sweater  - Thursday, Dec 19


In an effort to provide $160,000 of the current year’s budget, we are seeking 100% participation from Heritage families.

The Annual Fund directly supports our annual operating budget. It helps bridge the shortfall between the school’s tuition and the actual cost of educating a Heritage student. This helps keep the cost of a Heritage education accessible to all mission-appropriate students, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Please prayerfully consider helping us achieve our goal of 100% participation —  gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated and help each child at Heritage!
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5th Grade annual field trip to The Nutcracker in San Antonio.


1st Grade

First grade kicked off their unit on Christmas Around the World this week. They packed their suitcases, and grabbed their passport and boarding pass for their first stop in Mexico! They learned about Las Posadas, piñatas, fiestas, and poinsettias and ended the journey with Mexican hot chocolate and pan de polvo. Our student helper, Aidan Hickey even joined us on our trip! Feliz Navidad! Next stop... Germany and Italy!

2nd Grade

Second grade made unleavened bread like Jesus might have eaten. 

3rd Grade

Third graders made their own Christmas trees after reading The Legend of the Christmas Tree and learning how they started as a way to tell people about Jesus.

5th Grade

Fifth graders presented their reports about Ancient Egypt.




vs. Comfort

Heritage      5      2    10    5   -   22
Comfort       4     7     5     4   -   21

Leading Scorers: Madison Brantley 8, Ellie Faucheux 7

The Eagles picked up their first win last week. We expected it to be a low-scoring game as we were trying to get back to the basics of who we are. We are a program that plays hard-nosed defense and that's exactly what we did during this game. Ellie and Madison made some big shots late in the game to give us a cushion for the win. We are right back on track of what we are trying to do this year as we gear up for district play. 

vs. San Marcos Academy

Heritage      4     7     9     2   -   22
SMA            6     2     2     6   -   16

Leading Scorers: Acelynn Thomson 5, Reece Harris 4, Lilli Bray 4

The Logic girls hosted San Marcos Academy on Monday night after a long Thanksgiving break. They came out a bit rusty but played with some determination to win a game. After one quarter, they began to focus on their defense and kept putting pressure on SMA all night. Reece Harris and Jayden Edwards scored their first ever baskets.


2019 State Championship and now 7-time State Championship winning head coach Tim Shipman opens up on the state title win.
TAPPS Six-man Division III
State Championship 

Fredericksburg Heritage   46
TAPPS Division III Six-man


Weatherford Christian    26
TAPPS Division III Six-man
I am not sure if it has really sunk in yet.

The journey has been such a special one. The last several weeks have seemed like a blur. These players and the coaching staff have been laser focused on game planning, scouting, preparing, installing, learning, staying sharp, and executing. It abruptly stops after the state game win or lose.  Winning it all is euphoric. It takes time to recollect everything that just happened.  How did we get from a hot early August first practice to an early December "comeback-of-the-ages" State Championship game?  

It is of great joy to watch these young men celebrate and earn a State Championship. They sweat, they bled, they succeeded, they failed, they cried, and they laughed. To watch that play out is the greatest part of it all to a coach. Throughout any season, you push, coach, and work. You keep telling the kids to focus on the next objective. They responded with hard work and they pushed themselves to win it all.  Things may work out, or they may not, but you keep pushing, hoping, and planning. You enter the playoffs and try to stay alive through the next week. Then, the state championship opportunity comes and your head is spinning a bit. Your bodies are worn and your adrenaline is in full force. Then, you win and it's over. This team has earned a state title.  There is excitement, relief, exhaustion, tears of joy and tears that it is over.

To finish as state champions conjures a feeling that is hard to describe.
The feeling of accomplishment that you have inside, that you see on the faces of the players, and that you hear in the excitement and support from the fans is impossible to convey. The greatest of it all is that these young men worked for years to accomplish this goal, and they reached it.  They learned that hard work does pay off.  That crossing T's and dotting I's and sacrifice does pay off.  There are many goals throughout a season.  So it’s not just the state championship that solidifies success.  It is the life lessons we have all learned along the way.  It is the mere fact that we started as a team and we ended as a family.   These young men may or may not forget the score of the game someday,  but they will never forget their teammates, their coaches, and the life lessons that God has taught through this game we call football.

On Weatherford Christian
It was an incredible honor to compete against Coach Cox and his powerhouse football team. He is one of the classiest coaches that I have ever competed against. He was sincere before, during, and after the game in his care for every student-athlete. They had an incredible game plan and they played with heart. Credit must go to their coaching staff and players on an incredible season. They fought hard, played with class, and competed very well. 
The Experience from the Head Coach perspective
Prior to the game, everything felt normal. Things were clicking along and routine. We were warming up, and we seemed to be dropping more footballs than usual, so I thought that we were probably a little tight, which was to be expected, considering that this was a big game. We got the ball first, and went to score quickly on the first drive as well as make the extra point. 8-0. That's a big deal. At that point, we had to focus on playing defense, getting a stop and getting the ball back to score again -- pretty simple.  Overall, we made them earn their touchdowns, and for the most part we played pretty solid defense in the first half. They went into the wind and scored and we blocked the extra point. The score was 8-6 end of the 1st quarter.  We didn't execute, and I didn't play call-on-point the rest of the half.  We were bobbling a few balls, trying a few things that I had speculated would work, and we just weren't clicking on all cylinders on offense. We were playing solid defense, but Weatherford is a state caliber team and was able to work down the field on a combination of great plays and a few minor miscues by our defense. We were now down 19-8 at halftime.

There didn't seem to be panic during the halftime break,  just a lot of frustration.  Players and coaches knew this wasn't right and we were all a bit frustrated.  We all felt the score should be closer except for a handful of plays here and there. Again, credit to Weatherford as they had a great game plan and very good athletes.  We felt we had a better game plan and better athletes, respectfully. Honestly we made only a few adjustments at halftime.  The real credit to the change in the second half goes to the fight in these Heritage football players.
        In the locker room, I said, in a fairly loud voice:  "You have a choice, you can lay down or you can fight." We knew it had been less than a normal first half for us and if we came out after half, got a stop, and went to score, it could be quickly be 16-19, and a new football game. We went to work on solving a few problems here and there, making a lot of two-way communication between players and coaches.  An essential piece in winning a state championship is believing that you can do it.  We have mentioned that all year.  We talked about it in the days leading up to the title game. We even talked about it in the pre-game.  No matter what happens, don't stop believing.  So, we briefly talked about it again at halftime. We gave the players the game plan and told them to stand and fight.

In the second half, we kicked off to Weatherford who was going into the wind. They worked the ball down a ways and then broke a long run into the red zone.  They found their way into the end zone again with about 9 minutes left in the 3rd.
(By the way, we had a lot of guys that were tested to their maximum level in a variety of ways and experienced more adversity than one might see from a distance. I cannot go on without saying how much that every single one of those guys overcame. Words cannot describe the growth that occurred in this game alone, much less throughout the season. I am without the right words but not without tears to say that I can look each one of them in the eye and see their determination at this point.  They still would not flinch.)

It was 9 minutes into the 3rd quarter and we were down by 18 points to a powerhouse, 26-8.  We got the ball and worked down field fairly quickly and very physically. For the first time all day, our offense seemed to really click. We made the extra point and just like that, it was 26-16. I could see and feel the team take a breath and collectively think, "We can do this."  Sure enough, in the next series of plays, we executed rock solid defense. With the winds howling as they were, it was useless on 4th down to punt with the wind in your face. That played to our advantage in the 3rd. We stopped them on downs and went and scored rather quickly and forcefully again. This is when we all felt an incredible momentum shift, and our team and fans were hyped. 24-26.

Extra points are a critical part of any football game but particularly in six-man football. To this point, we had made 3 touchdowns and they had made 4 touchdowns, yet the score was 24-26 thanks to us winning the PAT (points after touchdown) battle.

When they got the ball, we again made big defensive play after big defensive play and got the ball back with a couple minutes left in the quarter. We then powered in for the score, making it 30-26, Heritage, at the end of the 3rd quarter. We had the lead and the momentum, but they now had the wind. The next defensive series would be huge. If they went and scored then all of the momentum we had built would shift back again. We were determined to make them earn it, if not stop them outright on downs -- and that is exactly what we did.  Now, if we could go score, then we'd have some breathing room, albeit just a little. This was a difficult drive (as if the others weren't) heading straight into a hard south wind. The wind blows hard out of the south end at Heritage everyday when we practice, it seems, and we practice a game-winning drive into the wind with the state title on the line often in practice, right towards the flag pole. And now it was happening, but this was not practice.
We felt at that point that we were wearing them down physically. I don't know that because I wasn't on their sideline, but it seemed like it. We were eager and hungrier than ever at this point. We could now take firm control of the game. We marched down the field and powered into the end zone, scored the PAT, and made the score 38-26 Heritage with 8 or so minutes on the clock. That's a long time in six-man football, but the players were laser focused. They kept saying "It's not over, it's not over." At this point, trading touchdowns was an option as long as we worked the clock down. That was not our preference, but we were trying to find a way to win the game.  

The fans were in a frenzy at this point --well, they had been in a frenzy all day. 
Thank you, Heritage Nation and all of our fans. We could hear you.

We got another defensive stop and got the ball back.  Now we have a chance to almost seal the game. We were so close, yet so far away. The confidence on our sideline had certainly reached a level that we had been used to this season. We fought down the field, moving the ball with heart and fight and guts, while staying in bounds trying to work the clock. We scored and made the extra point straight into that familiar Heritage wind. However, it almost felt like we scored too fast. With 5 minutes to play, the score was 46-26, Heritage. They were three scores and couple of extra point kicks away from tying it. We began to feel the victory but were not about to let our guard down. Weatherford wasn't going to lie down, and this is six-man football where anything can happen in 5 minutes. Sure enough, Weatherford worked down the field and got inside the 10 yard line.  We had made them earn it and it had chewed up some valuable clock. We were inside 3 minutes and they took one last shot.  We intercepted in the end zone and killed the clock. The celebration was on.  I will never forget the thrill these young men felt winning the state title in the biggest comeback in Heritage football history.
The life lesson this team learned and shared today
It didn't take a state championship comeback win to convince me that these young men had this kind of fight in them. It affirmed it in an amazing way. The message played out that day on a football field in Waco, Texas. When life gets you down get up.  Fight, kick and STAND. This crazy world will test us and get us down but do not give up, do not quit keep believing.

My dear brothers and sisters, remain strong in the faith.
Don’t let anything move you.
Always give yourselves completely to the work of the Lord.
Because you belong to the Lord,
you know your work is not worthless. -1 Corinthians 15:58
Now, more than ever, we must stand for what we believe is
right and keep faith in a broken,
crazy world.
Every day, the world tries to knock us down. We must
get up
stand up &
take a stand
for our faith.
When your faith in Jesus is tested with all kinds of worldly lies,
take a stand.
Help your brother/sister
Call upon Jesus to help you
When you get knocked down,
stand back up.
Engrave the truths of God’s word
on your heart &
stand firm in your faith.

On the Undefeated Season 13-0 State Champions
It is important to know that this season was a journey, not simply a destination. These young men hold this truth dear. The season, the journey, the life lessons learned are the cake. That comes with or without the State Championship. Winning a State Championship is the icing on the cake, and we really like the icing.
This type of season, no matter the talent, takes an immense amount of dedication and commitment from everyone involved. Thank you to our players, coaches, teachers, administration, parents, the Fredericksburg community, the greater Hill Country area community, and Heritage Nation for your support. 


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