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Volume 26 Number 20  |  1/31/2020
"Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them."

Ephesians 5:11

Shakespeare Day

Grammar School's 2020 Shakespeare Festival began on Friday in the cold chill of the morning. A band of Logic and Rhetoric students gave the event a nice ambience with some Shakespearean tunes played on the recorder. Student servers walked around taking orders and delivered hot coffee and cider to satisfy the chilly crowd.

The Kindergarten through second grade played the "groundlings" in the performance and enjoyed interacting with the actors.

Third grade began the event with a brief history of Shakespeare's life, times, and contributions to the language. Fourth grade performed an inspired rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and fifth grade put on their hilarious version of Twelfth Night.

The audience was impressed by the flair and vigor in the students' performance - bravo to our fine young actors! Thank you to our parents and others for attending, to Wendy Ashley, Michelle Holster, Cheryl Stollenwerck, Alicia Music, Bob Straus, Nora Brantley, and to Tommy Olafson and Joseph Stone for their crucial help in setting up for the event!

Relief Route Considerations

The wide, gray line at the left of the map is the proposed "relief route."
There is an important issue in Gillespie County that could have a very negative effect on Heritage School.
It is being called the “Relief Route," which is actually a high-speed controlled access interstate-type BYPASS LOOP around Downtown Fredericksburg with a Right-of-Way footprint up to 400’ wide.  This new super highway equivalent to an Interstate 10 structure has a stated purpose of decreasing commercial truck traffic away from Main St. (State Hwy 290) to another less traveled part of town. 
TX-Dot, Gillespie County, the City of Fredericksburg, and the Relief Route Committee have now chosen what they consider to be the “best path” for the Relief Route.  Here is the problem for Heritage School and our nearby families: the selected route takes the super highway BYPASS LOOP right next to Heritage School!  This has a potential negative effect on Heritage mobility and transportation, environmental noise and aesthetics, commercial encroachment, safety, economics and much more.   Heritage families can no longer stand by and do nothing.
A citizens group has formed to take action.  Please read the information below and consider signing the petition against the Relief Route which, in addition to costing us thousands of dollars and raising taxes, has the potential to do great harm to Heritage School.
Citizens for an Informed Relief Route (CIRR) has launched a petition in response to TxDOT’s latest determination. 

The GOAL is to ensure city and county leadership recognize the significant number of residents NOT in favor of the TxDOT Relief Route.  

The MISSION is to collect signatures from Gillespie County voters who are against the Relief Route. The petition signifies a “NO BUILD” position by voters
The OBJECTIVE is to present the petition to the City, County and TxDOT officials in March.

We are now inn a phase where everyone can get directly involved. Get your family, friends and neighbors to sign the petition, and engage others. 

Sign the petition at:
 Other ways you can help:
•    Do you have a business where we can display a petition?
•    Are you part of a group where you could solicit signatures?
•    Do you have connections in Harper, Stonewall or Doss for signatures?
•    Would you be able to help count the signatures we collect?
•    Would you be able to help cross reference names to voter registration?
•    Would you contact your county commissioner/judge to share your view?
•    If you are a Fredericksburg resident, would you contact your councilman/mayor?
•    Are you a person who can help fund some of the ad, printing & mailing costs? If you have this ability, call Gary Saucier (469) 758-8121

If you can help in any of these ways, call CIRR at: 

(210) 912-2924 or email us at


Upper School

Chapel speaker psychologist Chris Stewart discussed the "dot" - the sum of all of our personal and interpersonal fears and worries - and how not to allow it to control our lives. He encouraged contemplation within our self (through positive self-talk), and verbal communication with others.


Heritage alumna Beth (Bethany Beall) Mills (Heritage Class of 2004) is now a children's book author/illustrator! She is coming to Heritage on Feb 5 and will meet with Grammar School students to read a story and do an interactive presentation.
Beth Mills Visit: 

Feb 5, after lunch

Spring Class Pictures: 

Feb 12

State of School

Feb 13, 6PM - 7PM

Student Holiday
Professional Development Day: 

Feb 14

Presidents Day
School Holiday: 

Feb 17


Annual Fund for Excellence:

2020 Financial Goal: $160,000
Participation Goal: 100% 
Raised to date: $87,634
Trustees: 100% participation
Faculty and staff: 100% participation
Parents: 49% participation

Thank you for your continued support this week!
Ahead of last year but still have a way to go!


The more we raise, the more our children our children benefit.
Your gift supports our Family Tuition Assistance, faculty salaries, classroom instruction, technology, the arts - it closes the gap between tuition revenue and the true cost of a Heritage education.

Questions: Contact Chica Greenlee in the Development Office
997-6597 Ext. 224
Use the button below if you're ready to give:
Give Now!
In addition to signing up for SCRIP and placing online orders, Heritage has a limited number of gift cards available for purchase in the office. Visit Mrs. Basse in the admin office to purchase or for any questions.

All SCRIP orders are a trade to use at marketplaces and grocery stores like the ones listed below at no cost to you, and the orders generate a small percentage of the purchase price as support towards the school.
Amazon $25
Amazon $100
HEB $25
HEB $100
Walmart $50
Walmart $100



Kinder celebrating Mrs. Shipman’s half birthday!

1st Grade

First grade had fun in their classroom store, “Eagle Mart." They shopped and paid for their items using coins and adding double digits.

They also played, “Write the Room” finding words in the classroom with combination -er, -ir, and -ur.

1st and 2nd Grades

First and Second enjoyed walking the book trail and reading Too Many Mittens.


Thank you to the Welder family who donated 20 wood frame weaving looms to Grammar school.

10th Grade

10th grade students practice playing their recorders in the sunshine. 🎶🎶



Logic Girls

Heritage                                25
Living Rock                            12

Leading Scorers: Eleanor Loggie 12, Ellie Shipman 8

Rebounds: Eleanor Loggie 10

Defensive Player of the Game: Lilli Bray

Coach's Comments: I am excited about how this team is beginning to lean on each other. They pick each other up when they make mistakes. These girls are understanding the strength that they have in the team versus the individual. The younger girls are becoming more confident and are understanding the fundamentals of the game and taking shots. I am proud of the way the veterans are attacking the basket and getting to the free throw line.  We are looking forward to hosting the CALSA tournament this weekend.


Heritage                                19
Hunt ISD                                15

Leading Scorers: Lilli Bray 6, Ellie Shipman 8
Rebounds: Eleanor Loggie, Acelynn Thomson

Defensive Players of the Game: Eleanor Loggie, Ellah Brillhart

Coach's Comments: I am so proud of the fight and positive attitude of these girls. They were behind at half and could have gotten frustrated with themselves and each other. Instead, they went to work and kept fighting. They gave themselves a chance to win at the end and they took the lead with one minute to go in the game. They believed in each other!

-- Coach Tim Shipman
Varsity Boys

Heritage                             10     6      9     21       46
Cedar Park                           7     10    2     11       30

Leading Scorers: Josh Hoermann 17, John Fritzsch 4, Sam Richburg 14, Noah Given 7, Luke Roberts 4

Coach's Comments:  It’s always great to get a win, especially on the road. I told the the guys to mark this date down - January 28th - the night we found our defensive identity. We played for each other in the second half - diving for loose balls, communicating and helping on defense, cutting down driving lanes, and closing out to shooters. Championship caliber defense like that in the second half of a game will take you a long way in basketball. There is a lot of basketball left in our season - if we can get healthy and play with the intensity that we played with in the second half then we can make some noise. I never take this for granted - I’m blessed to be their Coach. 

--Coach Clarence Stewart
Varsity Girls

Heritage                             11     11    16     14       48
Living Rock                          9     10    4       10       33

Leading Scorers: Josie Fevig 17, Caroline Abel 12, Kate Abel 11
Leading Rebounders: Livy Jons 8, Josie Fevig 7
Steals: Madison Brantley 6, Josie Fevig 6

Coach's Comments: This game was a bit strange because of the fact that in the first half we weren’t playing bad basketball, but also weren’t playing how we have been playing the last few games. The girls walked into the locker room and started to fix everything that they needed to fix by themselves. It was one of the coolest coaching moments I have ever been a part of. I didn’t say a word to them but they were able to address everything that was going wrong and came out in the second half and executed like the team we want to be. Coming out of halftime, the girls held a three-point lead then put on a show by pressuring the ball hard and jumping lots of passes, outscoring Living Rock 16-4. The fourth quarter was just the same and kept opening the lead up. We saw two different teams tonight. I liked the second half team a lot better. If we can learn to play like that for a full game, we are going to be a scary team in the playoffs.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 vs. San Angelo Cornerstone at Heritage -  Tipoff 6:00 p.m. *SENIOR NIGHT*

-- Coach Kevin Perez

Marathon Finishers

Wyatt Burnett, Andrew Chapa, Annabelle Hoelster, Grace Roeder, Jailee Goodman, Ellison Keller, Isabella Bourtin, Erin Fritzsch, and Bree Franklin completed the Marathon Challenge this past week, racking up 26.2 miles of running over the course of the semester so far. Good job, guys and girls!
Grammar School students celebrate Coach Kevin's half-birthday.
Use Amazon Smile at NO COST to you.
There is an extension to your internet browser that is free and simple to add that will automatically make your Amazon purchases into AmazonSmile purchases that will benefit Heritage... Remember there are zero drawbacks to using AmazonSmile, it works just as a normal Amazon transaction works, only benefits the school. When selecting the charity, search for "Heritage Family School" and we should come up close to the top of the list.



By simply purchasing SCRIP cards for items you are already buying, you raise money for the school.
Do you buy:
  • Food
  • Gasoline
  • School Uniforms
By purchasing SCRIP cards for HEB, Walmart, and Walgreens plus thousands of other companies, a portion of your gift card purchase is rebated to Heritage School. For example, Land’s End offers a 15% rebate.  If you buy $100 worth of uniforms using a gift card purchased through the scrip program Heritage receives $15!
It’s Simple:
  1. Create a new account at
    1. On the home page click on the blue “Join A Program” button. 
    2. The school enrollment code is: 8L89BAL714532. Enter this code then click on the blue “Register” button. 
    3. Complete the registration information then click on the blue “Register” button.
    4. Sign up for online payments (PrestoPay) if you would like.
  2. Order on a weekly basis, by Monday @ 5 pm.
  3. Pay through PrestoPay or send a check with your child to school labeled SCRIP, attention: Teresa Basse.
  4. Your cards will be sent home with your child as early as Thursday.
This is money you are already spending, not additional funds. By simply purchasing your cards through the SCRIP Program, you can turn your normal buying into fundraising for the school….it’s also a great way to stick to a budget!
If you have questions, or need help setting up your account, your SCRIP coordinator is:
Teresa Basse 997-6597 or
Heritage can take advantage of our partnership with Shutterfly to earn funds for our school. This is similar to Amazon Smile. Go through the links below to the Shutterfly store to  The school earns 8% for any orders placed through this storefront link.  No funds are earned through the app or the regular Shutterfly website.


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