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What comes naturally to us, whether that’s creativity, productivity or communication, tends to be our default when interacting with the world. It’s much easier to play to our best abilities than explore our vulnerabilities, but if you want to be balanced you have to do both.

This is a little more obvious when we look to our physical practice. Say you always kick up to handstand with your dominant leg – eventually you’ll be lopsided or even injured.

The same is true in life. If you’re always taking on more, the harder it can be to say no and avoid spreading yourself too thin (guilty). And if not well-managed, your greatest strength is eventually at risk of becoming your biggest weakness.  
So this month I invite you to experiment with the skills you haven’t perfected. Instead of simply of relying on the cards you were dealt, focus on how you play your cards instead. The goal is not to be perfect, just balanced.
Yoga Vida
Fridays Happy Hour Flow @6:00pm - 99 University, Floor 6 -> new place + time!
Sundays Hot Flow @10:30am - 
666 Broadway, Floor 3
Sky Ting
Sundays Sky Ting Yoga @1:00pm - 55 Chrystie, Floor 4
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