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For many of us the New Year marks a new beginning. Imagining what 2016 could be is exciting, but sticking with our resolutions and actually achieving our goals is the hard part. So how can we protect ourselves from falling short or burning out while still setting our sights high?
One In, One Out
A friend taught me the ‘one in, one out’ rule in the context of building a wardrobe, but I think it applies to life too. Every time she buys a new item she puts an old one in the donation pile. That way there’s always space and you avoid becoming a hoarder. So instead of continuously adding to your schedule and saying yes to every project that comes your way, experiment with ‘one in, one out’ by making room for what you want to add, like more yoga, by giving up something else that no longer serves you, like being the last one to leave the office.
Change Your Vocabulary
Brené Brown reminds us that, “we can’t practice compassion with others until we learn to treat ourselves kindly.” If your resolution is to be more patient with your family, start by observing that little voice inside your head. Listen to the way you talk to yourself, notice whether you default to judgment or forgiveness and start shifting your vocabulary. The words you use become to the actions you take.
Celebrate The Small

When we only focus on the end result we can be blindsided by the multitude of steps between start and finish. Let’s say your goal is to meditate for an hour every day, you might feel frustrated when you can’t sit for the full time, or feel guilty for skipping a day altogether. So leave it open-ended instead by trying to meditate every day for any amount of time. Then, even if you sit for just three minutes, celebrate! Measure your success by looking at the good days, not the bad.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2016!


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