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Duality is essential for leading a balanced life – it’s the give and take in a healthy relationship, the mix of work and play in a dynamic career, and the mediation between past and future in the present. In yoga we become centered by harmonizing left and right, inhalation and exhalation, and effort and grace.
One of my teachers, Abbie Galvin, has a saying that I love dearly and quote often: “Effort is like fire rising from the earth, and grace is the rain that descends from above.” We manifest this in class by building heat then slowing down to receive the benefits of our practice. Being receptive not only feels good, it’s the catalyst for change.
Yet we live in a world that celebrates hard work so it’s easy to push forward without pause – a struggle I know all too well. But if you move from one project to the next without time to observe where does the learning happen? Why bother taking a vacation if you just end up thinking about work the whole time?
So be gentle with yourself. Do your best to cultivate moments of grace by slowing down, breathing deeply and spending a few minutes at the end of each day to take note of everything you’re grateful for. With effort comes motivation and focus... we need effort, but we’ll never know our highest selves without moments of receptivity sprinkled throughout. 
New Class!
I have a new weekly class - Fridays at 6:30pm!
Yoga > Happy Hour : )

Regular Schedule
Mondays Basics @8:30pm - 99 University, Floor 6
Wednesdays Evening Flow @8:00pm - 666 Broadway, Floor 3
Fridays Flow @6:30pm - 666 Broadway, Floor 3

Special Classes in May
Saturday, May 9 - Live Music Flow @12:00pm - 99 University, Floor 6
Sunday, May 10 - Morning Flow @10:30am -  666 Broadway, Floor 3 

All classes are at Yoga Vida
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