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Summer—the season of yang, fire and the heart—is the best time to heal emotional wounds and shed baggage just as we shed layers of clothing. Whenever we let something go, whether it’s an unhealthy relationship or a fear that we’ve been clinging to, we make space for the opposite like love and happiness. But when something’s really stuck we need power to release it.
Luckily, more sun means more energy, which makes summer the ideal time to push yourself physically so that you can effect change internally. Challenge yourself as you practice this month by going further than you normally would, holding postures with intention and playing with variations. Identify whatever it is that no longer serves you and let that motivate you. The lightness you feel after a vigorous physical practice will undoubtedly be matched by lightness in spirit. Use your body to help change what’s in your heart. 
July Classes
Mondays Basics @8:30pm -
Yoga Vida (99 University, Floor 6) 
Wednesdays Evening Flow @8:00pm -
Yoga Vida (666 Broadway, Floor 3)
Fridays Flow @6:30pm -
Yoga Vida (666 Broadway, Floor 3)

New Studio + New Class!! 
I'm excited to announce that starting 7/19 I'll be teaching at a new studio in Chinatown called Sky Ting! Sundays @1:00pm (55 Chrystie, Floor 4) 
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