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With fall comes one of the most impactful seasonal shifts of the year. While summer awakens the external (being social, having more energy and going outside), fall brings the opposite (internalizing, grounding and slowing down). There is less light, which means less energy, and colder weather, which means more time inside with your thoughts. Change, no matter how subtle, always represents a fork in the road; it can be frightening or empowering, limiting or an opportunity for growth.
In Chinese medicine fall is the time to let go so that you only store what’s necessary for winter. This especially applies to your perception of yourself and your inner dialogue because we become more introspective as fall sets in––that part is unavoidable––but what you tell yourself as you turn inward is.  So try your best to cultivate growth, kindness and love as you let go of fear, disappointment and anger. There is always a choice to be made.
I'll be back in New York next week and am so excited to be teaching my regular classes again!

Yoga Vida

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Sky Ting
Sundays Flow @1:00pm - 55 Chrystie, Floor 4

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