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As spring settles in we’re supposed to feel lighter, but that shift doesn’t always happen overnight. Winter fosters self-reflection, so before shedding those heavy thoughts along with your parka, you have to feel comfortable in your own skin, and I’m not talking about how you look in a bathing suit…

We’re born as loving creatures, but overtime become armed with fear and distrust. Yoga teaches us to reconnect to this natural state and live without regret and angst. This liberated identity is known as your ‘highest self.’

Yoga encourages us to define ourselves with consistent criteria, void of anything material. So who are you? When you strip away your job, the relationships you keep, what you do for fun – what’s left? What kind of person are you when no one is watching? For many of us, attempting to answer these questions can be anxiety-ridden; especially if you’re not entirely comfortable with the person you’ve become. But the philosophy of yoga does more than pose tough questions, it tells us how we can affect change.

By cultivating kindness and compassion towards others our own insecurities take a back seat. When we’re connected we stop suffering from the self-doubt that comes with separateness. It sounds idealistic, but in order to truly connect to your highest self, you have to act from a place of love all the time, not just when you’re having a good day, or with the people that make it easier. The more you practice loving kindness, the more accessible it becomes and no act is too small. So hold the door for a stranger, be patient with your family, refrain from gossiping and you’ll embody the light qualities of spring in return.
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Mondays Basics @8:30pm - 99 University, Floor 6
Wednesdays Evening Flow @8:00pm - 666 Broadway, Floor 3

Special Classes
Saturday, April 11th Morning Flow @8:30am - 99 University, Floor 6

Saturday, April 25th Deep Flow @2:00pm - 99 University, Floor 6
Sunday, April 26th Morning Flow @10:30am - 666 Broadway, Floor 3

All classes are at Yoga Vida
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