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In Chinese medicine summer is the season of fire, joy and growth. With more light comes more energy, but if we’re not careful, moving quickly can lead to mindlessness. So this month I invite you to slow down and be present.  
Being present has become a buzzword, but that doesn’t make it any easier to accomplish. When things are going well, we never want them to end. When something is difficult, we want it to pass quickly. The secret to both slowing down and letting go is Dharana (concentration), and the easiest way to focus your mind is by fixing your attention on your breath.
So try it now. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Take a full breath in and a full breath out. Keep breathing deeply and notice how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Become aware of your body, your mood and your surroundings.
The magic of this teaching is in its practicality. No matter how fast things are moving, how excited you feel, or how eager you are for what’s next, you can always reconnect to the present moment by coming back to your breath. 
June Classes
Mondays Basics @8:30pm - 99 University, Floor 6
Wednesdays Evening Flow @8:00pm - 666 Broadway, Floor 3
Fridays Flow @6:30pm - 666 Broadway, Floor 3

New Studio + New Sunday Class coming soon! 
More info next month : )

All June classes are at Yoga Vida
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