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Moving Forward

Thank you all for your patience as I explore our options and learn new skills to help us be in community as best we are able while maintaining our commitment to Social Distancing. My hope is that, at a minimum, my efforts will help us find some humor for at least a few moments. I appreciate any feedback you may have that would help us practice together more successfully.

Yoga and self-care are vitally important to each of us during this incredibly challenging time, so the loss of our classes is particularly difficult. My goal (over the next week or so) is to start with some simple, live streaming classes. This will allow us to practice together and hopefully feel a bit less isolated. I will also be working on recording some short classes that I will post on our website. Our insurance company has specific requirements as to how online classes may be accessed. Some of the processes may feel cumbersome in the beginning, but my hope is that things will smooth out over time. These requirements include:
  • Waiver & Registration: This requirement is met by the paper waiver anyone who visits our studio has filled out. If you have not visited our studio previously, I will send you a soft copy of the form that you may fill out and return.
  • Payment: I confirmed with the representative that this requirement has been met by anyone currently registered for the Winter Session, even though it has been paused. Anyone holding a current Flex Card also meets this requirement. If you do not currently meet either of those payment requirements, and do not wish to make a purchase, I will set up a donation option so that you can have access to the online materials for a nominal donation. My hope is to find a way to make Yoga accessible to anyone who needs it during this time.
I will be creating a new page on our website called "yoga snacks" that will have scheduling information and information on how to gain access. My hope is that our first live stream class will take place tomorrow, 3/17 @ 5:30. That class is normally scheduled to be a Yoga 2 class, but we will keep the first classes simple as I figure out the technology, so anyone may join.

I don't want to fill your inboxes with updates. If you prefer to keep track of the schedule and updates yourself, you are welcome to check our site and our Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you prefer to receive updates, information and additional resources directly to your inbox, please reply to this e-mail and let me know so that I can tag your contact in our system to continue to receive updates. Changing your mind is always an option--please just send me an e-mail with that request. I will keep other general e-mails to a minimum, as always.

Please take care of yourselves. As we move forward, it would be lovely to hear suggestions from all of you as to how you are practicing self-care, what books you are reading, films you are streaming and games you are playing and other ways to pass the time outside of work(ing from home, hopefully). Right now I am just in the beginning of reading "Cosy, The British Art of Comfort" by Laura Weir.

Other, common sense practices that we all are aware of, but can be difficult to choose:
  • Drink water. Every day. A LOT of water. More than you think you need.
  • Go outside. Enjoy the breeze. Open a window if you have to work from home and can't take a break.
  • Take a walk/hike/bike ride.
  • Listen to music, read, play a game, watch a classic movie (classic is subjective!).
  • Cook and eat a delicious, healthy meal--maybe something you've never made before?
  • Daydream
  • Please balance your need to stay informed (important) with your need to be at peace (crucial). I find myself needing to detach sometimes. Maybe a time limit 2-3 times per day? Whatever limit feels right for you.
  • Call/Skype someone you love who is far away. Particularly if they are older. As a new Grandma, I can tell you, I am always happy to see videos/pictures and hear coos from my Grandson. Stay connected any way you can.

I leave you with this article from "6 Yoga Poses That Help Alleviate Anxiety", we are. I, personally do not find the seated forward fold terribly relaxing unless I sit higher on blankets and then tuck a bolster, blankets, a pillow under my knees, but, as we know, all bodies are different, so please adapt as your body needs. On that note, if you are looking for props, you can find reasonably priced props at We'll also talk about some options for using household items in lieu of props (regular belts for straps, books for blocks, etc) during class. Please stay in communication with me about what you need during this challenging time. 

I do believe we will get through this together. Please stay safe and healthy and take good care of yourselves. I hope to see you soon online and look forward to when we can meet in person.

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