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Happy February!

It is difficult to believe that it is already February--I don't know how your New Year's Resolutions are feeling right now, but when I think of mine, all I can do is laugh! I hoped January would be free-flowing, creative and in-the-moment. Instead, I began the year with the crash of my hard-drive. Along with all of the self-recrimination of not having backed everything up properly was the series of bad and worse news (of which I'm still waiting for the final version) of how bad the damage was & how little data would most likely be recovered. So. Maybe I will find some ability to view this as a clean slate. It is definitely a lesson in acceptance (no choice, right?!). Still, I find myself looking for a do-over. Setting and re-setting fresh starts. Maybe the lesson here is to treat each new morning as another opportunity to begin again, rather than an enormous, pressure-filled new beginning of a single year. The very basis of Surya Namaskar. A Sun Salute. To celebrate the rising of the sun. The opportunity to begin again. To accept and leave behind the moment that has passed.

Maybe we can all take each morning and do with the day what we are able, without expectation. It has been a long year with many challenges. Maybe it is enough on some days to celebrate that we are still here, still making it. I remain grateful for this community. I have felt the frustration at everything being driven by technology (which can sometimes be finicky!). I feel the fatigue of the pandemic. And I am grateful to share the moments we have--to connect with people I care about and share a few moments together. I look forward to practicing together in person again, and I am grateful for the opportunity for us all to stay connected in whatever way we can until that is possible.

Take care of yourselves and be gentle with yourselves. We are doing the impossible every day. We should celebrate ourselves. I will try to hold that and I encourage each of you to do the same in whatever your difficult moments are. I offer these suggestions for self-care from Everyday Health--I hope one or two will resonate with you (#1 is my biggest goal--to get enough sleep!). We have some new workshops and fun events to help you find some tools to bring ease and wellness and a few laughs to your practice. Please enjoy.


Yoga for Wellness: Stress Relieve for Neck & Shoulders

This workshop is designed to give you tools to begin releasing the tension that is often carried in our neck and shoulders. Through Yoga and self-massage, we will seek to make these areas happier & healthier. Appropriate for students Yoga 1-2 (or equivalent) and above. Early Bird Pricing through February 15!

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Yoga for Wellness: Stress Relief for Hips & Low Back

This workshop will provide tools to help unlock the stress and tension many of us carry in our hips and low back. Yoga, self-massage and acupressure can help to alleviate the resulting pain. Improving habitual movement patterns can help to build strength and mobility. All students welcome. Early Bird Pricing through March 15!

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Happy Hour Yoga!

Join Sheryl for this fun, light-hearted class to help you transition into your weekend. Sheryl's fun loving style and positive attitude will help you let go of your workweek & you'll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed. No experience necessary, all levels welcome. Early Bird Pricing through February 15 or March 15!

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Private Livestream Yoga Special

Each of our Private Sessions includes one (1) 30 minute consultation to set the goals for your practice. Private sessions are the most personalized instructions we offer. Your instructor will tailor your sessions to fit your specific needs whether that is to overcome an injury, progress to a specific pose or deepen your meditation or mindfulness practice. Use coupon code "PRIVATE" when checking out.

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