Happy New Year!

New Year, New Beginnings

New beginnings can be exciting and hopeful. They can also create pressure and, sometimes, disappointment. We don't want to "waste" them, especially a New Year--if our new beginning doesn't work out the way we hope, does that mean we have to wait another year for another chance?! I hope not!

As I reflect on this past year, sorting through what worked, what to keep and what to let go, I realize that process is primarily an effort to shape 2021. Where do I want to place my efforts in my home, in my own practice, and in my teaching? So much has changed since March, and there is still uncertainty moving into the New Year, making planning much more difficult, and I am definitely a planner. So I'm finding it more challenging than usual to set intentions and visualize what I want from the coming year. My process is definitely different this New Year's Eve.

Luckily, the changes of the past year have definitely highlighted what is most meaningful and important, creating a strong foundation on which to build. So many relationships have gotten stronger and deeper this year, which has been a true gift, and so many details I once considered critical have fallen away, which has been very freeing. So how to move forward in a year that still holds so many questions?

I wish I could say I had a definitive answer. I don't believe there is one correct path. My choice this year will be to set planning aside for the month of January and see what happens. Rather than deciding on a specific change or approach, I'll take advantage of earlier planning efforts that have left me with shelves full of books and cupboards full of hobby materials that had great plans, but were never realized. I'll try to just be open to what I am moved to work on in the moment. My hope is that by listening to what I am drawn to in the moment, rather than deciding what I "should" do, I'll plan less and do more. I will try to remember that simply beginning is a great place to learn if something new is a good fit or not--not everything will be. We'll see! At a minimum I hope to learn to listen to myself and make choices based less on external pressures and more on what is right for me.

Whatever your choice in how to greet 2021, I hope as each of you move from this year to the next that you will be kind to yourselves. Both in any reflections on last year and plans or hopes for the next. We made it this far--we have shown resilience we may never have known we had. If you are looking for some guidance in how to set intentions rather than make resolutions, click the button below for some suggestions.

I am so grateful to have been included in your practice this past year. I look forward to seeing you in 2021. Take care and stay safe and healthy.

How to Set Intentions Rather Than Resolutions

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