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Dear CRDT Family and Friends,
Let us introduce to you CRDT’s first E-Newsletter !
It was due time for our organization to start sharing about the important work we are doing in the North-East of Cambodia.
The newsletter will be sent every quarter and allow you to learn more about our work, our social enterprises as well as being updated on our yearly fundraising campaigns.
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A Friendship to Transform Cambodia

CRDT, the Cambodian Rural Development Team, is about a team, a story of friendship and family.
In 2001, they were in their early twenties and the first generation of Cambodians to go to University. Channy, Mao, Pheap, Vong and Savin came from poor villages in the countryside, the houses they lived in had no electricity, no toilet and no clean water and they often went short of food. They quickly bonded because of this similar past and the urge they had to escape poverty and change the future of their country. They studied rural development, and one day an opportunity arose to work on a school project in Channy’s village. This was CRDT’s inaugural project. Their successful initiative saw the five friends installing biodigesters for the benefit of families, bringing them gas for cooking and lighting, a huge improvement in living standards at that time in a country still devastated from the genocide and the ensuing poverty.
“I grew up in a rural village surrounded by extreme poverty. I dreamt that one day, I could bring my family out of poverty, then help free communities from fears of a severe life. The opportunity arose when I, the only one from my village, entered the University where I met my best friends who shared the same vision and commitment to fight against poverty. We teamed up towards our common goal, supporting our country’s rural population. CRDT was born out of a dream of a young student team, and it has now come closer to reality and will even grow larger to make greater impacts.” Or Channy, founder and Executive Director of CRDT

Learn more about CRDT's history and vision here

In 2015, Cambodia is now a lower-middle income country and is improving on many levels. But the rural population has been left aside from this growth and natural resources are coming under increasing pressure. Furthermore, Cambodia is among those countries that will be most affected by climate change. The CRDT Team feel that today more than ever before they ought to support their country, their communities and their families. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? 
The young team of CRDT in early 2000s
Read our latest article from the field Home-gardening as an alternative to traditional way of life and learn how CRDT introduced home-gardening as an alternative to food collection from the forest and a way to include disabled into the village life. 

Great news ! On March 25th and April 19th, 2 new born calves were found at Kampi pool and on Onlong Phao island. This gives us hope for an increase in the Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphin population. 


Learn about our achievements in 2014 with our Annual Report 
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Planning for holidays in Cambodia ? Don't forget to check our great social enterprises CRDTours for ecotours along the Mekong and elsewhere and Le Tonlé for wonderful food and accommodation in Stung Treng and Kratie towns. We look forward to welcoming you !


Support us

It is very easy to support CRDT. In January, a couple has decided to transform their wedding gifts into donations for CRDT. We created a Fundraiser for them and collected more than $5,000 ! We are very grateful to Christina and William for this significant donation.
Wish to do the same ? Get in touch with us and we will arrange everything for you. 

CRDT has moved

Please come to visit us at our new address:
Street 2,
 Trapeang Pring,
Sangkat Kratie,
Kratie Province,
CRDT second newsletter will be sent out in September 2015, don't hesitate to provide feedback on our newsletter, we are always keen on improving our work ! 
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