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National Math Festival 

May 2019  ·

Thank You for Joining the
2019 National Math Festival!

The 2019 National Math Festival drew roughly 12,000 children and adults of all ages to the Washington Convention Center on May 4th to celebrate mathematics in fun and surprising ways through hands-on activities and fascinating presentations on the math behind the way the world works. Local school groups came in great numbers to enjoy both the School Preview Day on Friday, and the public Festival day on Saturday! We estimate that 8,000 children and adults around the country participated in Geometric Bubble Blowing events at 80+ science centers in 40+ states. Festival attendance was highly diverse on both Friday and Saturday. Adding to this were the students and teachers from Title I schools who comprised a large part of the school field trips on both days. Around 850 school children participated in organized field trips on Friday; another 600 on Saturday. With all of this combined, we estimate our total reach to be over 20,000 individuals.

Harder to count but equally important to measure, the joyful and purposeful shared energy at the Festival was palpable. Mathematics is indeed a unifying, uplifting force supporting learning, civic participation, and personal and collective growth. We are grateful to our Sponsors, Major Activity Presenters, Make or Takers, Promotion Partners, and other Friends of the Festival for the great many hours and expertise you brought to sharing your enthusiasm for math with a wide, new audience. And, Festival-goers: We would absolutely love to hear your stories about attending the Festival on social media at #2019NMF. We look forward to staying in touch and sharing photos and video from the event over the coming weeks!
A view from Hall D of the 2019 National Math Festival
Dr. Amelia Taylor presenting her lecture "Data Did That!"
A student poses a question at a film screening in the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Film Room.

Media Coverage Highlights

Watch magician Mark Mitton make a news anchor's wedding ring disappear... Hear about the Festival directly from young participants in School Preview Day... And much more!

Thank You for Participating around the U.S.!

Thank you to all who participated in the Zometool Bubble Station demos at their local museum! 80 museums in over 40 states played along!

Photo by Sciencenter (Ithaca, NY)
Geometric Bubble Blowing / Photo by Sciencenter (Ithaca, NY)

More Math! Keep up the Fun

Visit More Math! online for fun, family math resources like books, puzzles, games, crafts, movies, and more. New this month: download puzzle booklets and maze mats from the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival; explore the heart-shaped curve known as a cardioid and the surprising places it turns up; MoMath interviews about beautiful mathematics; and video resources for parents and teachers about building on young children's mathematical thinking from the DREME Network.

Explore More Math! Online

Things to Do After the Festival

  • Learn more about the math behind your favorite things
  • Watch movies on Numberphile's Youtube Channel
  • Get a copy of the Mathical Book list
    Literary fiction and nonfiction for ages 2–18
  • Find my local Math Circle (and sign up!)
    After-school recreational math for all ages
  • Discover more MSRI public events
    Films, Bay Area events, and more
  • Explore stuff I picked up in the Make or Take Spiral
    Watch for an online archive of Make or Take handouts, coming soon!
  • Make a note: Back in 2021 for the next National Math Festival

2019 Festival T-shirts Available Online

Online Exclusive! Celebrate math in style with a 2019 Festival t-shirt. Available in unisex and ladies' styles, take your pick of three designs in adult sizes from Small to 3XL. Shirts are available for order through May 31, 2019 — get yours before they're gone!

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How to Stay in Touch

Let's keep the celebration going! Share your favorite Festival memories and moments with us and be sure to stay in touch. 
Submit a blog post to the National Math Festival website and tell us about your experience at the Festival!

Join us on social media as we post photos from the Festival over the next few weeks. We'd also love to see your favorite photos so please be sure to share! @natmathfestival | | #2019nmf

Thanks for celebrating and see you in 2021!

2019 Festival Sponsors

We joyfully thank our 2019 Festival sponsors!
Simons Foundation · Alfred P. Sloan Foundation · Eric and Wendy Schmidt · National Science Foundation
Simons Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Eric and Wendy Schmidt
National Science Foundation

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Irwin and Joan Jacobs
The Kavli Foundation

American Mathematical Society (AMS)
The Charles and Lisa Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences
Northrop Grumman
Festival Organizers: MSRI · IAS · MoMath
The 2019 National Math Festival is a program of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), in cooperation with the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) and the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath).

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