Eeekkkkk! I am SO EXCITED to have you here for my first ever official BEAUTY BUZZ Newsletter 🐝🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

As I mentioned before my goal is to help break down makeup looks with quick and easy step by step guide for you all. I will be sure to link any products I talk about, including makeup brushes so you know exactly what I used so you can re-create the looks yourself!

Let’s get to the TEA 🍵 on this Rose Dune look 👀

The details are HERE for you! Let's talk about it and break it down! Glam makeup looks don't have to be overwhelming or intimidating so I'm here to break down this juicy look for you with a quick and easy step by step guide. The palette used and examples of brushes used are linked throughout and again at the end of this quick little tutorial. As always, feel free to ask questions, I'm here for you babes 😘 

Ok, so here's a quick numbered chart that I'll be referring back to so you know which shades to use in which areas. They aren't labeled in order of use, just how I thought it would be easiest to understand and refer back to. 

Application Steps:

For this look I did a "halo eye" which in a nutshell is darkest or deepest shades on the inner and litter corners of the eye with the highlight in the middle. 

  • Step 1: add shade 2 (medium pink) to the inner and outer corners and up into the crease using brush M332 fluffy crease. 

  • Step 2: pack on shade 3 (berry tone) on the inner and outer corners only (no crease) and blend softly using brush V205 flat domed.

  • Step 3: for more dimension, add shade 4 (deep berry) on top of shade 3 and also add to lower lash line using brush V205 flat domed and blend out with V204 soft pointed

  • Step 4: to brighten up the center of the lid add shade 1 (light pink) and only apply in the middle of the eyelid using brush V200 detailed packing.

  • Step 5: here comes the magic... with your finger, very gently pick up shade 4 (unicorn magic pink) and tap gently on the center of the lid right on top of shade 1. The base of shade 1 will POP this color! 

  • Step 6: for EXTRA pizzazz, gently tap the glitter of shade 6 on top of 5 (this is a glitter so apply carefully!)  use your fiber for this one as well.

  • Step 7: smudge shade 3 along lower lash line using brush V203

  • Add some liner, lashes and don’t forget mascara on your lower lashes and taaa-daaaa! You're done! 

Click here to see what I used

List of Morphe brushes used:

  • M332 Fluffy Crease

  • V204 Soft Pointed

  • V200 detail packing

  • V205 flat domed

  • V203 precision smudged

You can use any similar brush in any brand, these are just an example of the style used for application techniques 💕

You are always welcome to email me and ask questions and as we continue these tutorials and lessons will grow and grow and my goal is to do several looks and lessons per month! I will be asking for suggestions on what you all would like to learn next month so keep an eye out for another email soon to vote on what you want to see!

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