Why employability matters
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Gary Weinstein
McDonald’s soft skills campaign

Backed by entrepreneur James Caan CBE and leading organisations including the CBI, National Youth Agency, LearnDirect and Barclays, McDonald’s is calling for a whole-scale re-evaluation of the value of soft skills in the workplace.  More
Inspirational video of the week

The writer and cartoonist Neil Gaiman gives an unsentimental but encouraging address to graduating students (19:55)

Four steps to making young employees more effective

Gary Weinstein offers some advice on the criteria needed for good employability training.

Help for young people to engage with the world of work

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce operates a number of programmes and initiatives with schools, colleges, universities and businesses to help young people gain a greater understanding of business.  Atif Baig explains.
Paradoxical quotations

Serve to lead
Motto, the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.
Giuseppe di Lampedusa, The leopard
Why are young people less engaged with the world of work?

Jeremy Marchant suggests few a reasons.

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