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Gary Weinstein
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More on McDonald’s soft skills campaign

Recruiters and employers in Gloucestershire have welcomed a campaign highlighting the value of soft skills to businesses.

Here's the Times educational supplement
on this subject.  And McDonald's original article
Sleep betterwork better

Not at the same time! 

Getting a good night’s sleep—regularly—is important in reducing stress, being more alert, enhancing mood and stopping falling asleep in that important meeting—or interview. 
Here are some tips
View from the States

Why are so many college students failing to gain job skills before graduation?  asks Jeffrey J Selingo of the Washington Post.

In a large survey, employers gave low ratings to recent college graduates across seventeen “readiness categories” (such as critical/ analytical thinking and working with others in teams).

However, the graduates believed they were far more ready (by two or three times) than their future employers thought they were.

And, in this blog, Jeremy Marchant throws in
a few pertinent ideas.
What if your job didn't control your life?

In this TED talk, Brazilian CEO Ricardo Semler practises a radical form of corporate democracy, rethinking everything from board meetings to how workers report their holidays (they don’t have to).

It’s a vision that leads to some deep insight on what work, and life, is really all about.

He extends this vision to schools.
Just for sheer pleasure

Keith Jarrett plays Over the rainbow (Harold Arlen).

Genius.  (dur 5:50)

Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
 Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
  Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
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What is GradStart?
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