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Gary Weinstein
Next GradStart programme starts in February in Oxford

The new GradStart programme will start on 2 February 2016.   Call for details on 0800 619 9697.  Mention this newsletter for a discount.
An approach to hiring graduates that works

One company, Waterstons in Durham, has comprehensively cracked the problem of hiring and keeping good graduate recruits.

Here we describe how they do it.

Download a complimentary best practice guide

Download a complimentary best practice guide now and discover…
The 22 essential steps for successfully recruiting and retaining young employees

The guide covers the four stages : attraction, recruitment, development and retention.
We need to talk about employability not employment

... says Johnny Rich.  He says, “To measure this key graduate outcome, we must better understand what it is, what it is not and what it could be”. 

We say,
this is vitally important whether or not you measure it.
Why young people today hold more power than ever before

19-year-old author and CEO Jared Kleinert has spent thousands of hours studying the millennial mind. In this TED talk, Kleinert explains why young people hold more power today than at any other time in history, and explores what sets this group apart.  

Looking at the most successful millennials, he gives three things we can learn from them.  [7:52]
Three reasons millennials are getting fired

On the other hand, a backlash to millennials' mindsets at work is causing some to get fired, says JT O’Donnell

And it’s well worth
reading this article to get an insight into the mindset of a fed-up employer.

These may be American articles, but what happens in America first soon arrives in the UK.
Cute party trick

One to entertain the guests with over the turkey, perhaps. 

A Christmassy number
played on....  over fifty wineglasses!  [2:36]

Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
 Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
  Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
What is GradStart?
What is GradStart?
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