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Gary Weinstein
The next GradStart programme
commences 30 April at the Oxford Science Park
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Just how valuable are soft skills to business?

> By 2020, half a million UK workers will be significantly held back by a lack of soft skills.
> By 2020, soft skills will contribute over £100 billion pa to the UK economy.
> 97% of UK businesses believe soft skills are important to their success.
> 75% believe there is already a soft skills gap in the UK workforce.
> Yet, UK employees say they struggle to sell their soft skills.
Gary Weinstein
calls for action
Want to offer work experience...

...but don’t have the resources?

Join an Industrial Cadets Hub!
Sharon Olagunju of the Engineering Development Trust
shows that work experience programmes aren’t just for large organisations
Do schools kill creativity?

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”.  In this TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson’s funny and moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.
What's it all about?

Andrew Clements at the psychology department of the University of Bedfordshire is investigating undergraduates’ perceptions of employability, as well as their goals, workload perceptions, and related perspectives.

If you’re an undergraduate, he would be most grateful if you would
complete a survey.  You might even win a £20 Amazon voucher.  Please pass this link onto any undergrads you know.
Genius at work

A joyful video.

Leonard Bernstein directs the VPO in the finale of Haydn's symphony 88. 
For three and a half minutes, Bernstein leads by...

Watch how he coaxes a perfomance of vitality and precision.  [3:25]
Gary Weinstein
Gary Weinstein
 Gary Weinstein
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Gary Weinstein
What is GradStart?
What is GradStart?
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