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This Week's Events

  • Compline | Every evening | 7.30pm | Contact Deacon Lauri
  • Adult Education | Wednesdays | 6.30pm | Zoom | Meeting Id.: 974 4439 1896 | Passcode: 418481. Contact D J.
  • Silent Prayer | Fridays | 8:30 - 9:00am | Zoom | Contact Sandra.
  • Sunday School | Sundays | 10am | Zoom | Contact Hilary.
  • Sunday Service | Sundays | Live: 11am | Pre-Recorded: any time.

Deacon's Dialogue

Our faith guides how we behave in community - Bishop Akayama
We were on a clergy call with our bishop this last Tuesday morning and talking about how to reopen our churches safely. Bishop Akiyama was speaking earnestly and respectfully about how we might accomplish the task of opening the doors. The churches of our diocese are in many stages—some with small congregations have been open for awhile, some, like us, have not been open since last March, some are in the process of opening with all kinds of safeguards in place. Her message to us was very clear,  “stay the course, keep on doing what you are doing, and pay close attention to those who are the most vulnerable.”

We talked somewhat at length about the need for caution, in spite  of the desire to be together. Then she began to talk about vaccinations, since this all becomes so much easier when everyone gets their shot. Immediately the talk became much more spiritual. Because getting a vaccination is not just about ourselves, but also about our community, our “herd.” We become one body as we each protect ourselves. It becomes a rare act that not only is important to ourselves, but is vital to our community. In terms of the church, we understand that we will have very safe worship when we are 100% vaccinated. One hundred percent. That’s a lot to ask, but so important.

In one of those God moments, my Lenten devotion this morning (I’m reading Lent by Evelyn Underhill—she is best understood in small readings), spoke deeply of the community of the Christian faith.
The worshipper… comes before God as a member of a great family…Here the individual must lose his life to find it; the longing for personal expression, personal experience, safety, joy must more and more be swallowed up in Charity.
Getting a vaccination is an act of charity, a way of expressing love and compassion to those around us. Getting the vaccine becomes one of the most selfless acts we can do, and one of the most giving acts—to our church, to our community, to our nation, and to the world. We can do it.  We must do it. The opportunity is there and we must be part of doing this very good thing.

Blessings for you as you walk through this week.

Lauri Watkins
Deacon                                                                                       Back to Contents                                         

Pledge Update

Your Vestry would like to convey how deeply we appreciate everyone’s generosity in pledging. With less than a month to go before the arrival of our new priest, Father Birch Rambo, we are looking forward to an exciting year at Church of the Resurrection!

Due to lower-than-hoped-for pledges during our Annual Giving Campaign last Fall we're currently running a supplemental pledge campaign. The Vestry set a goal of raising an additional $50,000 by Easter, as we annnounced at the Annual Meeting in January.
Image showing funding barometer
As of this week, we have raised $33,996, meaning we're $16,004 short. Overall, our Parish members have pledged $195,918 of our original $250,000 goal.

So if you have not pledged yet, please:
  • prayerfully consider how you can continue supporting our mission and ministry
  • send your pledge card (provided in our recent letter) to the church
  • or, enter your pledge online on Realm
If you have already pledged on Realm, please:
  • consider increasing your pledge on Realm (contact Frank or DJ to make the update as Realm administrators)
You can always contact the Church office for any other assistance you may need.

Faithfully Yours,

Nick Crump
Senior Warden                                                                           Back to Contents

Spring-Cleaning Party

Image showing drawing of many hands holding toolsLet's make the church grounds as beautiful as possible before Fr. Birch arrives on April 14! Join us in a masked, socially-distant clean-up event at Resurrection on Saturday, April 10 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

If you have a rake, hoe, clippers or pick-up truck, bring them; otherwise we’ll provide tools. Apart from a general clean-up, we’ll be cleaning debris from winter storms, raking, weeding, trimming blackberry bushes, and cleaning exterior surfaces.

Someone will be enforcing COVID rules, and someone else will help anyone who needs tools get them from the church storage area.

Questions? Call Robbie at 650-644-5399, or e-mail him.

Robbie Forkish
Co-Junior Warden                                                                      Back to Contents

Holy Saturday Contemplative Retreat

Saturday, April 3rd | 9am to noon | Zoom link opens at 8:45am for 9am Meeting ID:  997 0985 6586 | Passcode: 428980

Sandra Wu, Marsha Crosswhite                                                 Back to Contents

Digital Services Needs You!

Want to positively impact Resurrection and its parishioners? Take a walk on the digital side by joining our Digital Services ministry!
Help with general communications Image showing drawing of many hands raisedpolicy and digital strategy develop-ment, website and Facebook up-dates, and with our ongoing adoption of Realm.

General experience in one or more of the following may prove helpful, but is not required:
  • creating and posting social media, including on Facebook
  • personal privacy issues
  • communications strategies
  • graphics design
  • multimedia, particularly video processing
  • website development, especially with WordPress
Interested? Contact Robbie via e-mail or at 650-644-5399.            

Robbie Forkish
Co-Junior Warden                                                                      Back to Contents

Serving this Week

Presider :: Rev. Robert Williams | Deacon :: Rev. Lauri Watkins
Acolyte :: Jerry Jacobson | Lectors :: Rody Miller, Mari Dole, Kim Still
Organist :: Margret Gries | Artwork :: Mike Van | Video production :: Don Laufer
Check Signers: Jack Marietta :: Jerry Jacobson

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