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Tune-Up                                   September 3rd, 2020                                         Issue: 2020-36

Deacon's Dialogue

The fires in the Mapleton forests are still raging as I write this.  In the paper this morning, we read that the fires were purposely started, fueled by rage and ignorance—someone who was so misguided by his own emotions.  It breaks me, this anger.

How many times have we started fires?  How many times have we had a little anger here and a little irritation there and left behind a small series of fires with people we have met along the way?  I’m talking to myself, of course.  But I’m also reaching out to you.  And to all those around us.  There is so much rage in our world right now.  There seems to be so much to be angry—and scared—about.  If we take out our anger on those around us, we start small, seemingly insignificant flames that can roar to a conflagration within minutes.

This morning I’m worried.  I’m worried about Portland, where the flames of violence and politics rage unabated, where one side cannot work with any of the other sides to restore peace and bring much needed reform.  I’m worried about people who are making the flag stand for one side, wearing masks stand for politics, and playing football stand for elusive normality.  I’m worried about so much rage over every little thing.  This is not a political rant on my part.  I’m worried that everything we do is becoming fuel for someone else’s anger, or our own.  

There is certainly a time for righteous anger, and now is one of those times.  But how we express our anger, what we do with it, is of utmost importance.  We can make a difference by speaking out, by standing up, by supporting those causes that are just and right.  We can also make a difference by not indulging in shouting matches (Facebook or otherwise), but not resorting to violence, by not closing our ears and our hearts to those with whom we disagree.

I keep coming back to it—this statement by our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.  “If it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”  How can we find a way through these fires, through these very scary and trying times?  How can we meet each other in acceptance and trust?  How can we be true to what we know is right and still be true to God?  We must put on this armor of love.  We absolutely must respond, although our hearts burn within us, to everyone and everything in love.  With love.  With the Love that is God. 

Deacon Lauri+

Sending our Condolences…

Our love and sympathy are extended to Dorothy Cramer at the passing of her beloved Terry Flaherty last week.  Terry passed into life eternal on Wednesday, August 26, after a long struggle.  May he rest in peace and rise in glory.  We extend our love and sympathy to his family.  
At his request, no services will be held.

Deacon Lauri+

Compline and Evening Prayer

We will be posting compline/evening prayer again, starting on September 1.  Since this deacon is “a bit” technologically challenged, I can only promise that it will be on Facebook and probably someplace else accessible (thank you Annie!!!) every evening by 7:30.  We will mostly do compline, with evening prayer and the New Zealand night prayer used occasionally.  I believe this gives us all a chance to stop and give ourselves to prayer.  Join us when you can.  I hope to be able to get it out via email soon, but no promises yet.

Deacon Lauri+

Swimming Upstream

Salmon do it
Unto their end.
Gliding, leaping gracefully
Into their death___ not knowing
But sensing their headwaters
A gulp and a gaso
A slap of the tail fin
Then rolling over.

And we sashay, as well
Hoping to glide with grace:
A dance-step with life's partner;
A warm gaze given
Memories present within
For hope to rejoin our youth
The full circle back again.

As in nature, longing to rejoin
Hoping, not grasping___ letting go
Turning over, upstream.

(" on way to a dream" )

Bruce Sedgwick

Hospitality Village Meal Train

Due to some heath issues in Hospitality Village, we are starting Meal Train up again. Please click below to sign up!
Hospitality Village Meal Train

Zoom Sunday School

Zoom classes will be held this Sunday for all classes separately with their teacher.

   Godly Play 10:00 AM
   Elementary 10:45 AM
   Middle 11:30 AM

Look for an invitation in the coming days.

Contemplative Prayer
   continues on Friday mornings

We pray you will join us every Friday morning for prayer in silence. The Zoom meeting opens at 8:25 A.M. and silent prayer begins promptly at 8:30 and ends at 9:00. Out of an abundance of caution, the meeting will now require a password and the link will not be published here. If you are interested in joining the group, please send an email to and I will send you the link and password. Please do not share it. 

Sandra Wu
Our mailing address is:
3925 Hilyard St. Eugene, OR 97405

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