Challenge On the Table


If you’re on this list, you care about contemporary music. You know the power of filling a space with thrilling new music by living composers. Join us on our journey to bring VOICES to life. VOICES is the name of our third season and our most expansive line-up yet, with 18 featured composers, and more still to be announced. We’re currently raising funds for our third season with our summer campaign. You can visit the campaign at this link or you can use the button below:

Symphony Number One currently has a challenge pledge on the table. A generous donor has offered an extra $1,000 towards our campaign total, but only if we can find 100 new, unique backers by THIS SUNDAY at 9 PM.

With a pledge of as little as $1, you will be set to help us reach the halfway mark of our VOICES campaign well ahead of schedule, but we still need a number of backers to join in. At our current rate, we project being just a few pledges short of getting the extra $1000. We're so close, but time is running short!

You can pledge as little as just $1 on your iPhone with ApplePay in less than 30 seconds, or you can pledge with a credit card in less than 3 minutes. The only question left is, are you in? Pledge today with the button below.
Symphony Number One 2 Hamill Road, Suite 120 Baltimore, MD 21210 USA
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