THE UNEXPECTED UNION  —  Issue 86    December 4 2022   —  OF UNEXPECTED THINGS 

A Cure for What Ails 🍵💋

This week, a Chicago-based fashion designer divulges their inspirations and aspirations, and we share some really stellar mugs. 

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Various red illustrations in a horizontal line.
A feminine person in a red-and-white gown grasps at a green carpeted neckpiece.

Conversations: Faviola Anaya Esquivel

Faviola Anaya Esquivel's work takes adult feelings and translates them into a visual language of nostalgia, color, and childlike whimsy. Here, Esquivel shares their inspirations, ranging from episodes of Project Runway to the fear of aging and death. 


A portrait photo of a person with winged eyeliner and green eyeshadow, wearing a checkered pink coat and red gingham top.

Faviola Anaya Esquivel is a Chicanx fashion designer, a born-and-raised Chicagoan, a Marwen alum and teacher, and a recent graduate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

A carpeted version of the iconic red-heart "ty" tag from Beanie Babies.
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Recommendations: Mugs and their Makers

It's gifting season, and we think that mugs-as-gifts get a bad rap. We've aggregated a bevy of beverage vessels that would delight any recipient—and deserve a place of honor at the very front of the cupboard. 


⛓ Slackables ⛓

Everybody voted and the results are in: Varyer’s holiday playlist is perfect  ≻  Everyone also chimed in on what’s going on with IG and turns out we have the ick for it  ≻  Mike White on his creative process and procrastination tendencies  ≻  Delightful video of Hermann Zapf drawing marks  ≻  Essential bookmark: FLINT*ype, supporting marginalized designers in graphic design with a robust archive of typefaces   ≻  40 new fonts for 2023  ≻  Straightforward tool to improve your vocabulary by eliminating ‘very’  ≻  Preorder the new issue of Eyesore  ≻  Take a one-eyed look back at the i-D wink  ≻  GIPHY’s top GIFs of the year  ≻  Bon Appétit got a (print) facelift  ≻  The World of Interiors got a (web) facelift  ≻  Download and read about Steven Hyden’s favorite R.E.M. live bootleg  ≻  Trend exhaustion has lead us to the inevitable specter of corecore.

✩ Song of the Day of the Week ✩

Taylor Mauch shares her most-listened-to song of the year, poignantly timed with the passing of Christine McVie.

Can you hear me calling
Out your name?
You know that I'm falling
And I don't know what to say

by Fleetwood Mac

An animated GIF typing out
An open spread of a book with a photo of a mushroom and explanatory text.

For nearly eighty years, the night before Christmas in Iceland has been celebrated with the "Christmas book flood," or the original Icelandic term, Jólabókaflóðið

This tradition began during World War II once Iceland had gained its independence for Denmark in 1944. Paper was one of the few commodities not rationed during the war, so Icelanders shared their love of books even more as other types of gifts were in short supply.

No matter how you celebrate, an excuse for new reading material is always welcome. Take a page from the Icelanders' book and sort by "Publications" in the Varyer Shop. 

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