THE UNEXPECTED UNION  —  Issue 84    November 20 2022   —  OF UNEXPECTED THINGS 

In the Rearview 👁️

There are a mere 40 days left in 2022—but who's counting, right? (If you're counting, we have a great calendar that'll do that for you.)

x Varyer Team

A tear-off desk calendar with an illustration of a heart and text that reads "In Hindsight: A Calendar Year of Butts."

In Hindsight

Dedicated readers of V—Mail may be familiar with the monumental effort of Cheek to Cheek, Bianca Albino's yearlong project of illustrating a new butt each day. To honor her work in creating 365 beautiful buns, we've created In Hindsight: a tear-off, butt-a-day calendar.

While In Hindsight is perfect for 2023, it is not year-specific—gift one to a friend and stockpile a few of your own. Each day brings a new, delightful derrière.


An animated GIF rotating through various pages of illustrated butts.
Colorful beams of light pour through a cracked-open door frame.

To the Grave

May we extend an invitation into the Graveyard?

Creep the latest drop of ephemeral, in-process, and forgotten image files from the Varyer design cadre.


⛓ Slackables ⛓

Click on the person who is real  ≻  We’re poached over this new book from The Gourmand all about eggs  ≻  Many important meals are approaching and this is the place for carefully chosen niche ingredients and condiments from far-off places  ≻  Warning to any Varyerer: I bought this on eBay and am bringing it to the office on Tuesday  ≻  This is next  ≻  Learn how to make a killer breakfast sando from Sohla’s dude  ≻  Try slapping Diatype Rounded on your donut meme or yogurt project  ≻  Garton is our mono of the month!  ≻  Have been wondering what this Google Maps savant’s deal is  ≻  Scenes from a surrealism-trained TikTok algorithm  ≻  You can drive VW’s office chair  ≻  Makes sense because office design is starting to feel like home  ≻  A brand can have no greater impact than if it can manufacture history; or the story of Red Bull marketing  ≻  Innovation In Music Conference 2023 call for papers [h/t Todd L. Burns]  ≻  Who knew songs weren’t really doing key changes anymore?  ≻  Phil Elverum has joined Substack  ≻  We’ve been thinking of doing something like this but with all the insane cold call emails we get  ≻  New mag crosscurrent looks pretty  ≻  “Let’s face it, when you convert your front lawn in a traditional suburban landscape, it’s a confrontational act”  ≻  If we want the future to be bright, our choice is clear  ≻  Some of the science behind how we’re impacted by color  ≻  Visit the oldest maker of pastels in the world  ≻  A hat tip to the Paris Olympic mascots  ≻  Lloyd’s predicts World Cups by how insured the teams are  ≻  Good for Hootsuite that their social trends report says marketing budgets are going all in on social media when a recession hits  ≻  Michael Bierut on simplicity.

A letter envelope made from lines and a heart emoji.

(1) New Message!

We've updated our email newsletters recommendations to reflect the hottest new happenings in digital correspondence. 


🎵 Song of the Day of the Week 🎵

Kelly McHugh selects a poppy anthem about uncertainty.

by Hatchie

“All things considered, you can look back and say, ‘In hindsight, I had a good year.’”
— Bianca Albino
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