THE UNEXPECTED UNION  —  Issue 97    March 5 2023   —  OF UNEXPECTED THINGS 

Tickled Pink, Feelin' Green 🍉

We're delighted to have Sophia Callahan back again with a new offering in the Varyer+ Collection—and to have her contribute her thoughts and inspiration behind the new design.

x Varyer Team

A pink-and-green knotted bag holds a smartphone.

Varyer + Home Economics Phone Pouch

Sophia Callahan of Home Economics returns with another multifunctional, 'fit-completing knotted pouch for all manner of goods. You'll be delighted by all the objects you can tote around in peak pink style.


An animation of a pulsing green plant shape against a pink background.

An Ode to Pink and Green

Were you vibin' with the color scheme? Sophia shared her thoughts on pink and green as the colors of love, as well as some anthemic albums that match the combo's energy. 


(Check out our chat with Sophia and her first V+ collab here.)

⛓ Slackables ⛓

If it’s helpful to know this bit of context for Slackables: it acts as an archive for potentially useful resources and insightful reference. We find ourselves revisiting items through the course of our work all the time, mercifully not lost to the platform abyss.

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🕶️ Song of the Day of the Week 🕶️

Keep that springtime energy rolling with Bianca Albino's song suggestion.

Sun is Shining
by Bob Marley & The Wailers

An animated GIF spelling out
A person wears a pink-and-green knotted bag to hold a canned beverage.

We've got the goods to steal the look:

Our custom-designed keytainers.

Our Squish long sleeve tee, which benefits Marwen.

And Visitor, featured in our recent NA bevs recommendation list. 

Three keychain containers in yellow, white, and blue.
A close-up of a T-shirt graphic that reads "Squish LLC."
“In the spirit of pink and green, I’ve found myself trying to center on love and change. That love is change.” 
— Sophia Callahan, An Ode to Pink and Green
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