THE UNEXPECTED UNION  —  Issue 108  ✻  May 21 2023  —  OF UNEXPECTED THINGS 


Break out the reading glasses, grab your beverage of choice, and settle in: we're sharing some of our favorite longform articles and an update to our visual graveyard.

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Recommendations: Long Reads for Short Attention Spans

Hey! *snaps fingers* 

We get it: all of our attention spans are a little fried. We're looking at our phones while watching a movie. We're watching 100 TikToks that we don't remember. To remind us of the value in really digging in, we're sharing some of our favorite longform editorial pieces. We promise they're worth your time.

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Graveyard Update

Okay, we'll give you a short reprieve from the reading. Now's the time for some visuals!

The Graveyard is the final resting place for our designers' visual inspiration, first drafts, and other design detritus they've found along the way. Take a stroll. 🦇


This take from Brian Morrissey on the death knell of the webpage is probably true, but what if you think about your site as an experience people want to return to rather than a place that just happens to be where your content lives?  ≻  Shelved: a huge collection of vintage TV and hi-fi catalogs from Germany  ≻  Ada Lovelace's ideas for using the analytical engine for creativity in the 1800s inspired electronic art in the 50s and 60s  ≻  Fun to play with this little colorful animated kind of Etch A Sketch  ≻  Pangram Pangram launched a spinoff foundry featuring their “weird” typefaces  ≻  A graphic identity based on the iconic visual language of Microsoft Office Excel, merging various recognisable elements of park life  ≻  Biomimicry is a practice that learns from and mimics the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges  ≻  If you happen to be in Stockholm next Sunday, Teenage Engineering is having a garage sale  ≻  Ryuichi Sakamoto’s last playlist, created for his funeral  ≻  There should be a Magasin for interiors  ≻  The aesthetic of ketamine clinics  ≻  Words that don’t exist  ≻  When nobody cares.

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Life on Other Worlds

We'd be remiss not to mention one of our favorite long reads pieces on the ol' Life on Other Worlds, a piece exploring speculative biologies by John Paul Brammer. 

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SONG OF THE DAY OF THE WEEK: Margot's Pick, 5/15

Margot contributes a jazzy, lo-fi tune that's perfect for setting the vibe.

Days like this
by The Parrisian

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Collection: Coffee Table Books

We have a few exciting book-related projects cookin', but as we're working, we also have a great collection of beautiful and compelling coffee table books available in our shop right now. Lucky you! 

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“I mean, it’s about elevators . . . what more do you need to know? As it turns out, so much more.” 

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