THE UNEXPECTED UNION  —  Issue 85    November 27 2022   —  OF UNEXPECTED THINGS 

Time Warp

The last few months of the year can feel a bit like time travel: a brief moment passes and suddenly it's a new year. To embrace the feeling, we've assembled a list of baby names from the future—as well as some features from the recent past. 

x Varyer Team

A person wearing a high-tech glover interacts with a digital interface.

Names of the Future

After days of incessant holiday table rhetoric and a deluge of corporations begging for dollars, here's a mindless content salve to soothe your sinews.


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⛓ Slackables ⛓

This week’s internet onslaught from brands and/or trusted sources has been a little much, no? Actually saw a “Guide to Guides to Guides”. If only there was a discount code for unlocking an understanding of your own self-worth. And at Slackables HQ, it has us asking ourselves: what do you get for the inbox that has everything? Certainly not more links. How about you watch a movie, or discover some music, or even make some music? Read a book, sign up for a class, or prepare a meal? In any case, give your tabs a break and consider putting your phone down. We’ll see you next week.

🎷 Song of the Day of the Week 🎷

"Before becoming known as a musician, when I worked in a big department store, one day, during my lunch break, I came across a gallery where someone had painted a very rich white woman who had absolutely everything that you could desire in life, and she had the most solitary expression in the world. I had never been confronted with such solitude, and when I got back home, I wrote a piece that I called 'Lonely Woman.'"
Ornette Coleman

Lonely Woman
shared by Jazz Robinson

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A pink book cover with an illustration of a man reads "Noble Rot."
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“How did it get so late so soon?”
— Dr. Seuss
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