THE UNEXPECTED UNION  —  Issue 96    February 26 2023   —  OF UNEXPECTED THINGS 

Music to My 👂

This week, we have a new entry in our monthly illustration project and a fresh
playlist with a unique concept. 

x Varyer Team

An illustration of a groundhog in bed, writing an email that reads "Hey all, let's push the launch back 6 weeks. Thanks for understanding."

The Var Side: Alabaster Pizzo

In the February entry into our monthly illustration series The Var Side, cartoonist Alabaster Pizzo muses on the plight of Punxsutawney Phil.


An image of a green leaf and a pink-and-yellow leaf woven together in an alternating pattern.

When We Hold Hands

Experimental animation artist and director Nik Arthur created a playlist that consists of five albums, strategically interwoven to create a totally new sonic experience.


⛓ Slackables ⛓

A useful list of resources that offer advice on where and how to help the people of Turkey and Syria [via  It’s Nice That]  ≻  Smart thoughts on how to design a magazine cover from David McKendrick  ≻  Hodinkee’s Limited Editions team launches their first collection outside of the horological scope  ≻  A visit to Ghibli Park, amusement with no rides or big attractions, based on the work of Hayao Miyazaki  ≻  The ninth annual and comprehensively dense MAD landscape of the data and AI ecosystem from FirstMark dropped  ≻  Elle UK marks the second coming of surrealism  ≻  Spotify is moving to a vertically swiped homepage a la TikTok, and a feature called ‘DJ’ which touts personalized music with AI-powered VO  ≻  Why AI technology puts mass-produced evergreen content is at risk  ≻  AMASS released Mushroom Reserve 030 which ages 30 ingredients including lion’s mane and reishi in charred oak barrels  ≻  But even the adaptogenic angle might not get Gen Z to drink it  ≻  Because they’re too preoccupied with self-care brands  ≻  But how long before the tyranny of self-care joins the ranks of alcohol?  ≻  If our dev team is reading this: the Dark Sky API is calling it quits and we need to replace it on our site. This new one looks better anyways  ≻  End of an era: Adobe removes support for Type 1 fonts  ≻  The three ways to enjoy music from the contrarian side of ultra-poptimism  ≻  Navigate this spherical map of the observable universe  ≻  Even Vivian Howard has imposter syndrome  ≻  Tips on how to launch your own web radio station  ≻  In celebration of its return, The Ringer does an oral history of Party Down  ≻  Shoplifting from Whole Foods is cool and okay to do, go for it  ≻  Don’t let the Pigeon live in Dimes Square!

An animated GIF of words being typed that reads ""
A page from a spiral-bound book that features a strange, shimmering shape on a picnic table.


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💯 Song of the Day of the Week 💯

We've officially reached 100 songs of the day.

(Here's the updated playlist to celebrate.)

Caroline Polachek (feat. Grimes and Dido)
Fly to You

“If you ask me, this whole thing coulda been an email.”
Alabaster Pizzo, The Var Side
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