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Need to Know 05.24.16
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Photo by Sheila Barabad

What Makes an Effective Leader?

Dick Caldera’s thirty-year career leading human resources at companies around the world—and now at Bayer US—has equipped him with an effective leadership style based on these three qualities that he believes all leaders need to develop.

1. Actively Listen 
“I'm not just talking about hearing. You can hear, but it doesn't mean you'll actually reflect and act on it. The more you go up as a leader in an organization, the more you should listen, particularly in HR. As a leader, be careful about what you say and when you say it, because you can shut things down very quickly, and I think that's a real flaw.”

2. Heed Intuition 
“There’s nothing wrong with managing with data, but I think one of the key qualities that allows you to be better at what you do is intuition, just that gut sense of, at the end of the day, what really is going to be the right way to go.”

3. Stay Humble 
“I think a certain amount of humility is really important as a leader. What I always tell people is, ‘I never take myself seriously, but I take what I do seriously.’ I think it really endears people to you and creates a lot of trust, and out of that trust comes loyalty. It's about being inclusive, being humble, and maintaining a sense of humor. You have to laugh with your people. You've got to have some fun."
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“Coming up with the answer fast is
not as valuable as coming up with the
right answer. I think we should
all try to tip the balance in favor of
something that takes ten
minutes longer.”


Steve Faberman,
CLO, CCO at Progress Software

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Photo: Sheila Barabad

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