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What We Know 08.18.16
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From Waiter to Fannie Mae EVP

Brian Brooks grew up in the small steel-mill town of Pueblo, Colorado. His father died when he was fourteen years old, and he had to find a way to help support his family. He needed a job, and Brooks found one waiting tables . . .

Where Employee Loyalty Is in the Bag

Terrence Dixon’s first job was bagging groceries at the Safeway store in his hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. The sixteen-year-old liked the job, the people he worked with, and the extra spending money it gave him. He has stuck with the business ever since . . .

Juggling Two Full-time Roles Pays Off

As an undergraduate political science major in New York City, Martin Felli not only went to school full time, he worked full time at RR Donnelley. He took the job solely because of the shift’s time slot: 4 p.m. to midnight . . .

Put a Price on Risk
Secure the Enterprise

“Motivation is my insatiable thirst. Even perfect can be improved upon because perfect is only a description of what exists at a moment in time.”


Troy Hardeman, Chief Compliance and Technology Officer, Ceannate Corporation

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