March 9, 2017

This is one of those things I'm shocked some people don't know about. In case you aren't familiar, Listings Project lets you list and look for all kinds of spaces-- apartments, sublets, work/art studios-- and connects humans with humans to get them filled. The Listings Project team personally communicates with everyone using the service, which means that everyone on there is a verified, well-intentioned person. I've been using it myself lately and it's infinitely preferable to the alternative: working with brokers is sucky, and it's lovely to meet benevolent strangers who have been so empathically vetted by the Listings Project team. That's two itches scratched on the same website.


Listings Project was founded by Stephanie Diamond, who's now a friend of mine; she's an artist, and many years ago she started a listserv to connect fellow artists who needed living/studio space. Given how much of a need space is in cities, people shared the listings and the email grew. Fast forward several years and Listings Project is now a full company where you pay (a modest amount) to list not only your art space, but living and working spaces too. It’s free to receive the listings. Listings Project is a noble, useful and delightful community all built on word of mouth (you won’t find them on social media); you should give it a try. Mostly if you're in New York but also if you're in other places.

There's a discount code here for you, but know that this isn't sponsored. It's just a friend thing-- they wrote something really nice about me too. LoremIpsum30 will give you 30% (that's $9) off a listing on Listings Project between now and April 7.
Real people. What a concept.
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